Adam Krueger

Chief meteorologist Adam Krueger has called Texas home since 2006, living in San Antonio, Austin and now Houston with his wife and two children. Before that, he grew up in Chicago, and earned his meteorology degree from Purdue University. He says he’ll take a Texas summer over a Midwest winter any day.

Adam has reported on, and lived through, just about every type of extreme weather here in Texas. That includes Hurricane Harvey. Adam was live in the storm as Harvey made landfall, then continued to report on the devastating wind damage in Rockport, TX. Adam says he has never felt a more personal connection to the hardships that follow a natural disaster. What sticks with him most is the way everyone came together to recover.

Part of why Adam loves the weather is because there is always something new to learn. He enjoys continued education through weather conferences, and recently completed the “Managing for a Changing Climate” course from the University of Oklahoma.

With his free time, Adam likes to do anything that keeps him and his family moving. You can find him on a tennis court, golf course, bike, skateboard, trampoline, trail, pool, beach and even the ski slopes.

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