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  • Former Texans cheerleader claims she was duct taped for being ‘skinny-fat,’ joins lawsuit against team

    NEW YORK — A lawsuit against the Houston Texans, filed by former cheerleaders, just got another plaintiff. At least nine former cheerleaders say they worked under abusive conditions, the latest claiming that her body was duct taped because she was considered out of shape. Attorney Gloria Allred is representing six former squad members. Their lawsuit claims the latest plaintiff, Angelina Rosa, was called “skinny-fat” and had to wear duct tape on her body while she cheered, which was painful. Rosa said […]

  • Transgender victim of brutal attack speaks out

    New Braunfels, Texas – A transgender woman in Texas is still seeking justice for a brutal beating that took place three years ago. Her attacker isn’t facing charges and has never been arrested. Now, she’s speaking out. Aliah Hernandez spent six days in the ICU after going on a date with a man who attacked her at a motel when she told him she was trans. She says, “He told me, I hate homosexuals and I’m going to finish with […]

  • Young employee charged after customer accidentally shot in head at Cypress gun range

    HOUSTON — A young employee of a Cypress gun range is facing serious charges after a customer was shot in the head. A Harris County grand jury has indicted Tyler Sutton, 21, for manslaughter in an accidental shooting that killed a customer in December 2017. Investigators said Sutton was working the counter at Hot Wells Shooting Range  when he accidentally fired another customer’s rifle, shooting a bullet through the window and into the parking lot, killing Joshua Cummings. The sheriff’s […]

  • Dallas activists try to save ‘Lamb of God’ from doggie death row

    DALLAS(KDAF) — If you’ve been in Deep Ellum or maybe even Bishop Arts in Dallas, chances are you’ve seen the dog named Lamb of God and her panhandling partner, Sean Baugh. Sean Baugh and Lamb of God. (Courtesy Katie Vittetoe) “You just see a dog with sunglasses, and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s cute!'” Jessica Brodsky said, mimicking most people’s initial reaction to the pair. Right now, though, Baugh’s on the streets (even with sixteen active warrants from Dallas Municipal Court), but his dog […]

  • Rhode Island server gets $236 tip

    RHODE ISLAND—Waiting tables is a thankless job, but every now and then the tipping gods smile on a lucky server. Kay-dene Lewis was working her usual Friday shift at TGI Fridays when a family of generous diners left her with a $236 tip on a $63 tab. “I was in shock, everyone else was in shock, and we were all screaming, and it was a really great moment. It was the biggest tip I’ve ever gotten. I am very grateful,” […]

  • Melania Trump, Karen Pence visit Harvey victims in Texas

    By: Taylor Berry, HOUSTON—It’s been almost four months since Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, and although things are getting back to normal, many are facing a long road to recovery. First Lady Melania Trump and Second Lady Karen Pence got an up-close-and-personal look when they traveled to Southeast, Texas, Wednesday. “We are here to lend support to those who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Trump. They stopped by a food bank in Rockport, Texas where the first lady helped […]

  • Walmart stores to change its legal name

    BENTONVILLE, AR (KFSM) — Wal-Mart Stores filed a notice with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week announcing plans to change its legal name effective Feb. 1, which is the start of the company’s fiscal year. The corporate name will change to Walmart Inc., in a move to reflect how customers want to shop, the retailer said. “The name change chiefly demonstrates the company’s growing emphasis on serving customers seamlessly however they want to shop: in stores, online, on their […]

  • Houston World Aids Day

    By, Taylor Berry Not only does December 1, mean 24 days till Christmas, but it’s also World Aids Day. For the past 29 years people from around the world have been joining forces to honor those who are living with HIV. World AIDS Day  helps to bring awareness to the deadly virus, and to those who have lost their lives to this disease. According to HIV.GOV more than 1 million people in the United States are HIV positive and 1 […]

  • Attack on Kansas gas clerk caught on tape

    By, Taylor Berry KANSAS— A gas station argument turned physical after an employee confronted the man who had been harassing her. Surveillance video shows the fed-ex clerk step around the corner and hit the man with a bottle. The man can then be seen dragging the clerk outside by the hair and punching her. At one point the man seems to stop and talk to the woman he was with and continue beating the clerk. When the clerk finally got […]