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  • Hurricane Patricia left her mark on Galveston

    Galveston is feeling the remnants of hurricane Patricia. Derek Billiot described his experience, “This wasn’t no little storm, this was like a hurricane out here.” A barge, anchored away from shore to wait “Pat” out, was dragged by the wind onto east beach. Lt. Commander Stacy McNeer of the U.S. Coast Guard explained, “Very strong winds caused it to drag anchor/ The good news is, the barge is empty. We’re working with a salvage company to get the barge back […]

  • Voss Road has a pothole that is irritating drivers

    HOUSTON – Drivers have to deal with plenty of road hazards in Houston and this one just seems to be getting worse. “My hours are early mornings, there’s not that much street light so I run into it a lot of times, it’s pretty bad,” explained Darald Preap. Today’s Pothole of the Day is located on Voss Road near Westheimer Road on Houston’s southwest side. “When you hit, it’s like a big rock on your tire, I mean, that could […]

  • Richmond strikes again with another pothole

    HOUSTON – And we’re back on Richmond Avenue, imagine that! Today’s Pothole Of The Day is on Richmond Ave and Greenbriar Drive, in the Upper Kirby District. Denise Colmenero described the hole, “Oh my God, it’s awful and the noise is horrible too.” Though not quite as severe as some potholes we’ve shown, this crater looks like it’s been patched and patched again. “They just cover it but they never fix it, they never go in and fix it, and then […]

  • Is Columbus Day really a reason for celebration

    Do you know what today is? “Columbus day,” according to Drew St. Peter. But, is Columbus really a reason for celebration? “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, it’s an important day,” added St. Peter. Angie Kamman said, “It’s based on when Columbus discovered America, or supposedly when Columbus discovered America.” “I don’t care, I think that we need to start thinking about the people who lived here before Columbus got here. He didn’t really discover America, there were already […]

  • A pothole haunts Houston drivers at Bellaire Blvd.

    HOUSTON, TX – It’s one crater that’s causing havoc for drivers.”It’s pretty loud, especially if you don’t see it, if you just come right up on it, it’s like a loud boom,” explained Sheena Binkley. Today’s Pothole Of The Day is located on Bellaire Boulevard at Atwell Street in Southwest Houston. Like many of Houston’s potholes, this ditch in the road has already been repaired at least once, but seems determined to haunt motorists. “Instead of re-patching it each time, […]

  • Four workers suffer injuries in Pasadena plant explosion

    PASADENA, TX – The latest industrial accident comes from a plant explosion near Pasadena. Shortly before 8am, the explosion was reported at the SunEdison plant in Southeast Harris County. They make polysilicon there. Four workers at the plant were transported to local hospitals. All are in stable condition with non life-threatening injuries. While the incident is under investigation, little information is known about the cause of the explosion. Captain Dean Hensley with the Harris County Fire Marshall’s Office explained, “Right now we […]

  • Bellaire’s Antony Yun gets perfect SAT and ACT scores

    HOUSTON – Antony Yun definitely has some bragging rights because he’s not just your “average” student. The Bellaire High School senior got perfect scores on both the SAT and ACT college acceptance exams. One of only four to get a perfect SAT score in HISD last year, that’s .03 percent of 1.7 million students who took the test last year across the nation. “I wouldn’t call myself a genius. I still think it has a lot to do with my […]

  • Richmond Avenue strikes again with another pothole

    HOUSTON, TX  – We’re back to Richmond Avenue yet again, better known as crater central. “It’s like the car is rattling apart,” explained Paul Feucht of Unified Resources, Inc. Today’s Pothole Of The Day is located on Richmond near Rogerdale in Southwest Houston. Cars repeatedly slam through this void in the road. “Ever growing, ever changing, sometimes filled, then it becomes empty again and over the course of the last year and half, we’ve changed no less than 50 tires,” […]

  • Are gangs a problem in Katy?

    HOUSTON, Tx – Gangs in Katy schools? That’s what Katy ISD suspects is happening at McDonald Junior High, at least after one incident. A fight in a school restroom between ten kids, but wait, according to the district, they believe one of the kids volunteered to be assaulted by the others as part of gang-related activity. We’re not sure how widespread the problem is, but some parents are concerned. “We’ve been seeing a lot of graffiti in our neighborhood which […]

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