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  • AR Workshop: Pearland mom opens craft workshop for children with autism

    A Pearland mother and entrepreneur is helping children with autism. Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe meets with owner Emily Frances McAdams at the AR Workshop, which is a fun and safe place for autistic kids and their families to enjoy crafts and other activities. In 2018, one in 59 children was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, according to the Center for Disease Control. Let’s connect! Follow the CW39 Houston on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Family’s basement flooded with animal blood

    BAGLEY, Iowa – What sounds like a horror film scene is a disgusting reality for the Lestina family – their basement filled with nearly five inches of animal blood, fat and bones as a result of drainage from a meat locker next door. The Lestina family has lived in their home next to the Dahl’s Custom Meat Locker for ten years but have never had major issues until recently. Nick Lestina said the ownership of the plant changed within the […]

  • Pedophile who abused up to 200 children found dead in prison

    YORKSHIRE, England – A man described as one of Britain’s worst pedophiles has been found dead in jail. Richard Huckle, 33, who claimed to have abused almost 200 Malaysian children, died at Full Sutton prison in Yorkshire, England on Sunday, the UK’s Ministry of Justice confirmed in a statement. UK media reported that Huckle had been stabbed to death. Huckle received 22 life sentences at the Old Bailey in 2016 for offenses against children aged between six months and 12 years. The […]

  • Nevada fighting to keep ‘zombie deer’ from entering state

    “Zombie deer” are already in Utah—and Nevada fears it could be next. The state has stepped up measures to monitor deer and elk populations for chronic wasting disease, a deadly and irreversible disease that destroys brain tissue in deer and other animals, the New York Daily News reports. The highly contagious disease, which resembles mad cow disease, can devastate deer populations, authorities warn. The disease causes abnormal behavior in deer, including lethargy and a loss of fear of humans, the AP reports. To try […]

  • Inside the largest design showroom in Texas with world-recognized designer Bill Stubbs

    Houston has made the switch from summer to autumn, so it could be time spice thing up…other than your latte. Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe met with notable interior designer Bill Stubbs at the largest single-standing showroom in Texas for ideas that will bring the charm and comfort of fall into your home. Stubbs is ranked among the top 100 interior designers and architects in the world. During their visit, Stubbs guideded Flecknoe in transforming a space using items for less […]

  • HPD cruiser hits, kills 29-year-old father on bicycle while going to ‘suicide in progress’ call

    HOUSTON — The bicyclist killed in an overnight crash involving a police cruiser en route to an emergency in northeast Houston has been identified as a 29-year-old father and local auto mechanic by family members. The bicyclist’s step-father and his mother, Catreenia Sauls, said they had just spoken with Dwayne Foreman moments before he headed out to grab dinner. “I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I seen my baby,” his mother said. “I just let […]

  • CBD-infused lattes and coffee at Houston’s newest pop-up bar

    Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe visits Decatur Bar and Pop-up Factory  where a baristas are serving up CBD-infused coffees and relaxing beverages through the weekend. The venue is a relevantly new concept to the Houston scene. General Manager Bobbie Everett explain the bar is permanent, however, the pop-up portion of the restaurant changes every few months giving customers a different experience throughout the year. The latest pop-up feature is called Malk BevBar, a temporary coffee shop where clients can enjoy CBD-infused […]

  • Border Report Tour correspondent Anna Wiernicki gives in-depth look inside 1,700 trek across US-Mexico border

    Nexstar Washington DC correspondent Anna Wiernicki visits Morning Dose after returning from a 10-day, 1,700-mile drive along the entire U.S.-Mexico border in search of insightful stories for In recent years, the border has become an increasing focus as citizens of both countries search for solutions to issues such as illegal immigration, border security and so on. Reporting on border politics thousands of miles away at the Capitol, Wiernicki and her teammates wanted to hear firsthand what was happening at […]

  • Pugs on the Bayou returns this month! Find out how you can help pug rescue efforts

    PugHearts Houston Pug Rescue visited Morning Dose to talk about how pet lovers— especially pug fans — can change the life of a pug in need through foster parenting, adoption or attending an upcoming event. Adoption and Intake Manager Erika Landers and Adoption Coordinator Angela Moebus brought two new furry friends, 10-month-old Iggy and 5-year-old Violet, to the studio. They were joined by Morning Dose host Trey Serna and his adorable pug, Cooper. The nonprofit initiative is a foster-based program […]

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