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  • Getting into the holiday spirit with cocktails from Switchouse Plates and Pours

    HOUSTON — Switchouse Plates and Pours helps the Morning Dose crew get into the holiday spirit with delicious cocktails and mocktail recipes. The restaurant— which prides itself in providing patrons an authentic Texas smokehouse experience—is situated within the Houston CityPlace Marriott at Springwoods in Spring, Texas.  Its menu features small batch Texas-distilled bourbons and craft beers as well as artisanal whiskeys. Remember to drink responsibly! View this post on Instagram 🎄We've got only 12 DAYS until Christmas…it’s time to get into the holiday […]

  • ESPN names Simone Biles ‘Most Dominate Athlete of the Year,’ but that’s not even the best part!

    HOUSTON — Simone Biles, the world’s most decorated gymnast, has just been named the “Most Dominate Athlete of the Year” by ESPN. This honor comes after years of discussion over how male and female athletes are compared to each other. Besides Biles, this year, six of the top 10 athletes were women.

  • Chris Mitchell talks latest album, ‘White Christmas,’ international tour and being home in Houston for the holidays 

    HOUSTON — Musical excellence born and breed right here in Houston! Local native and nationally-recognized saxophonist Chris Mitchell sits on the Morning Dose couch ahead of his upcoming performance at the Hyatt Regency this weekend. It’s a quick stop back home as Mitchell continues his international tour. He’ll be in Houston from Dec. 14 – 15. If you’re interested in going, act fast! The show has already sold out for Saturday and Sunday. Click here for ticket information. Mitchell feel […]

  • Ditch your smartphone for a flip phone for an ENTIRE year and you could when $100,000

    Do you think you could without your smartphone for a whole day? How about a whole year? Vitamin Water is willing to bet you can’t do it.  The company unveiled a challenge for 2019 with an award of $100,000 to a person who can go without their smartphone for 365 days. You can enter the contest by sharing on Instagram or Twitter why you feel you’re up for the challenge, including the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest. Vitamin Water will choose one participant who will trade their […]

  • Should stand-up comedians avoid racy, controversial jokes when performing at schools?

    HOUSTON —Konstantin Kisin talks about his decision not to perform at a British university after they asked him to sign a behavioral agreement form. What?! Well, the institution said it wants campus events to be a safe place where “joy, love and acceptance is reciprocated by all. What do you think about his decision? Was the university wrong to ask him to sign the form?

  • Where’s Maggie? Most amazing gingerbread houses in town at Houstonian Hotel 

    HOUSTON — Bright holiday lights, warm milk and cookies, fun soirees and gifts! It could be clearer why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for most. Maggie and her trusted tour guide Mister McKinney stroll through the Houstonian Hotel and Spa for a tour of the most impressive gingerbread houses in town— the Merry Mansions! The houses will be on display until Dec. 23. Click here for more information.

  • Should Sesame Street handle heavy issues like homelessness?

    For the first time, a resident of “Sesame Street” is experiencing homelessness — and the hope is that her story can help sweep the clouds away for the growing number of young children in the United States without homes to call their own. On the hand, should a television program for children be handling such controversial and delicate issues?

  • Santa gets paid what?! Here’s the salary of the busiest man in the North Pole

    HOUSTON — Santa Claus got a pay raise! The busiest man in the North Pole made $152,367 this year, according to and data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But is that a lot for a guy who only works one day a year…or is Santa actually underpaid? The Morning Dose crew discuss what should be considered when calculating Santa’s salary. Plus, a word from the jolliest man around.

  • No Oscars host? How long should celebrities be held accountable for inappropriate social media posts

    HOUSTON — After Kevin Hart was forced to step down as host of the Oscars, it’s possible the popular award show will go host-less! Hart isn’t the first celebrity to be reprimanded for inappropriate social media posts— but the tweets were made nearly a decade ago! The Morning Dose crew asks how long should a person be held accountable for their posts? What if they were a child when they posted it?