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  • Kent State offers drone technology minor

    What you need to know about flying a drone, FAA rules and regulations

    HOUSTON— Technology is ever evolving making it hard to keep up with the latest trends. From Smartphones to home appliances, everything is becoming more sophisticated and tech savvy. The newest trend is the self flying robot known as the drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Drone’s became very popular over the last few years in the business community and are now a source of entertainment and recreational sport. If you think that flying a drone is as simple as a […]

  • Children’s toys vanishing into the air across the country

    HOUSTON — Children and grownups alike are watching their holiday gifts simply disappear into the air and all they can do is watch. If any of you are like me and you follow a community Facebook group I am sure you have seen posts like these:   If your child, or maybe you, have suffered this fate you are not alone. Earlier this year I too joined the masses and bought a small affordable drone. Never having flown one, I […]

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