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  • Denver Motorcycle Show Deadly Stabbing Shooting

    What was supposed to be a day of fun inside a downtown Denver motorcycle show, instead became a day of chaos and killing. According to Denver PD, two rival motorcycle clubs were “possibly” involved in a shooting and stabbing that took place inside the show where about 10-thousand were in attendance. Raquel Lopez of Denver Police Dept. told media that “during the disturbance there were shots fired and at least one stabbing, we do have one deceased party and other […]

  • Virginia professor offers ‘Game of Thrones’ course

    BLACKSBURG, VA – These days, you can take a course on just about anything. For example, Game Of Thrones. Over at Virginia Tech University, slash super fan Matthew Gabriele is a professor who has created a crash course on the popular medieval fantasy. But hold on there easy-A seekers, the course isn’t just about relaxing in front of the boob-tube, there’s actually some studying involved here. Now before you go rushing off to the registrar’s office, Gabrielle say’s he’s currently not offering […]

  • Several arrested including jail teacher for helping three California inmates escape

    ORANGE COUNTY, CA – It looks like one of the three jail escapees in California has had a change of heart. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department,  Bac Duong, 43, turned himself into authorities Friday afternoon. What’s even more surprising is the person who may have helped him and his posse break free. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Nooshafarin Ravaghi , a teacher at the prison, is one of five suspected in helping the escapees get away. Ravaghi, who’s […]

  • NHL player Dennis Wideman hits referee hard; faces long suspension

    CANADA – Calgary Flames hockey player Dennis Wideman definitely brought some serious heat to the ice Wednesday night. During an intense match against the Nashville Predators, Wideman chose to make the linesman his target instead of his opponent, shoving him with a hard check into the boards. The violent collision came midway through the Flames 2-1 loss to Nashville as Wideman was heading off the ice. The National Hockey League is trying to figure out whether Wideman’s rough run-in was […]

  • Former HISD cop charged for having improper relationship with student

    HOUSTON – A former HISD police officer has found himself on the other side of the law. Authorities accused Jacob Delgadillo a 30-year-old who once patrolled the halls of Cullen Middle School of having an inappropriate relationship with a 6th grader. He’s already posted bond, but is supposed to show in court Friday morning. HISD police have been looking into Delgadillo’s alleged shady behavior since November. They claim to have found some pretty disturbing stuff, like pics of him flaunting […]

  • Toddler caught praying on baby monitor camera

    SENECA, SC – Can I get an amen?! From two-year-old baby Sutton you can. When a South Carolina toddler’s parents skipped their nightly bedtime prayer, she started talking to the man above….on her own! In the video that Sutton’s mom posted on Facebook, you can hear this little angel praying for her parents, grandparents, and even Santa Claus himself. According to Sutton’s mom, her prayer lasted for about two minutes before she ended with a big amen. Now that’s what you […]

  • Shooting at Seattle Homeless Camp kills two wounds three

    SEATTLE, WA – It’s a place where homeless people in Seattle gather to feel safe. The campground for the needy, nicknamed “The Jungle”, was crawling with a whole different batch of people after gun shots rang out Tuesday night! The cops stormed “The Jungle” after getting a call about a shooting that left two dead, and three wounded. Authorities believe the victims were targeted following a dispute from earlier in the day. Though police continued to sweep the area looking for […]

  • Houston Incarnate Word Academy stuck in Washington, D.C Blizzard

    A dozen Houston students are among those experiencing the 2016 blizzard. A group from Incarnate Word Academy was on a field trip to Washington, D.C when storm Jonas began its wrath. The students, who traveled up east to learn about the democratic process, were set to leave the nations capital on Friday, but won’t be back until Tuesday because of flight cancellations. Elsewhere, critical conditions still exist after the monster snow storm that killed at at least 19. Morning tides […]

  • Florida doctor attacks Uber driver

    MIAMI, FL – Ladies and gentlemen, we would like you to feast your eyes on…the Uber passenger from hell. That my friends would be Anjali Ramkissoon, a Miami doctor apparently drunk off her you know what. When Anjali tried to jack another person’s ride, this Uber driver wasn’t having it, and refused take her anywhere, resulting in an all out attack. After the wrath of Ramkissoon ended, she politely gets out the car and walks away. Since Anjali’s drunken disaster […]

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