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  • Street Stories: Mexican-American artist captures essence of soccer in giant murals

    HOUSTON — Betirri Bengtson is a visual artist from Mexico, and has lived in Houston for 18 years. Bengtson went to school in H-town for architecture and painting, and has focused solely on his passion for painting in the last four years. His forte? Soccer. He paints players, sort of. His real focus is on the essence of the sport, so there’s no need for bodies in his artwork. It’s worth a watch, and keep an eye out for his mural […]

  • Michael Phelps leads U.S. at Olympic Games opening ceremony

    RIO DE JANEIRO — Swimmer Michael Phelps will bear the U.S. flag during the opening ceremony at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio. Many would say it seems appropriate, considering Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22-career medals. Phelps is only the second swimmer to lead the American delegation into the opening ceremony. Even more of an honor, Phelps was chosen by his fellow Team USA members to carry the flag. Way to go, Phelps! You’re already […]

  • Florida man falls overboard; floats in Gulf of Mexico for more than 20 hours

    CLEARWATER, FL – We all know fishing can be a dangerous sport, but one Florida man’s day on the water was nearly his last. William Durden, 61, was fishing by himself on the Homosassa River, north of Clearwater, when he fell overboard without a life jacket on. He floated in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 20 hours. While in the water Durden says, “I went through different phases. First couple of hours [I thought] ‘I’ll find somebody to […]

  • Potion Perfect: Using essential oils to get what you want

    Ever heard of essential oils? Ever tried using them? NewsFix talked to essential oil guru, Amy Findley of Gritman Essential Oils, to find the perfect potion for the perfect woman. We wanted sex appeal, confidence, and energy (things we could all use more of). We had some employees at NewsFix take the oils on test-runs to see if the potions packed the punch we needed. Check out the video to see how our experiment turned out.

  • Martha Stewart frying pans recalled for causing welts, burns

    If Santa left you any Martha Stewart Frying Pans under your Christmas tree, he’s trying to kill you. Alright, not really. However, Macy’s is recalling 120,000 Martha Stewart frying pans because, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the rivet covers on the eight and ten inch pans can pop off and go flying across your kitchen. Three people have reportedly been injured by the problematic pan pieces.

  • State of Illinois suing inmates for cost of prison

    CHICAGO – They say ‘crime doesn’t pay’ but it sure could cost you if you live in the state of Illinois. The Chicago Tribune reports the Illinois Department of Corrections has been suing prisoners for the cost of their incarceration after they’re released. The law allowing this practice, which was enacted in 1982, has reportedly been used on 11 inmates in the first 10-months of this year. A huge uptick in frequency, which is probably why this article started gaining […]

  • TSU shooting suspect set to appear in court today after being arrested during SWAT standoff

    The suspect in last week’s deadly shooting on the TSU campus is now behind bars. Police had been searching for Jartis Leon LeBlanc, Jr. after they say he shot and killed 18-year old Brent Randall  and wounded his brother. It’s been no easy task for Houston authorities, but luck was on their side Friday night. Cops say LeBlanc was at a house on Knox and Homer, in north Houston. There was some type of disturbance at the house, someone called […]

  • CA Cleans Up After Mudslides, Preps for More Rain

    We know those Cali-types love a good mud mask, but what they got recently is more than anyone bargained for. Thursday’s sudden storms brought massive mudslides that trapped hundreds of drivers in their cars on Interstate Five. However, the muddy mess seems to be disappearing just as quickly as it showed up, at least in some areas. Interstate Five has already reopened. The Highway is ready for drivers once again. Sadly, many drivers are still trying to get their cars […]

  • Passengers Send out Collective ‘Boos’ as Woman is Kicked off American Airlines Flight

    One American Airlines passenger was shocked when she was kicked off her flight bound for Portland. Bill Byrne was sitting behind the woman and filmed the whole incident. Byrne says the plane was sitting in Phoenix, waiting to take off. The woman apparently didn’t hear a flight attendant’s command to clear the aisle before take off, and that’s when the crew told the lady she would have to leave or they would call the police.  The plane of passengers become […]

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