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  • Houston Press Best of Houston®: Houston’s best tattoo artist dead at 36

    HOUSTON — Ever feel like everyone looks the same these days? Well, if you’re the type who loves to stand out from the crowd, what a better way to express yourself than with some fresh ink! The Houston Press has named Lana Gooding of Shaw’s Tattoo Studio the Best Tattoo Artist in Houston. Update: Lana passed away Wednesday October 11, 2017. Read the full story at HOUSTON PRESS.COM So what makes her stand out from the rest? “I think my […]

  • Celebrating 215th anniversary of first comic, ‘The Wasp’

    HOUSTON- As the world mourns the loss of the “Queen of Comics,” Marvel legend Stan Lee’s wife, Joan, we celebrate the 215th birthday of the first comic, “The Wasp.” When you think of life in the 1800s, fun isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but apparently, our “Founding Fathers” were cooler than we thought! “The Wasp” was published in 1802 under the pseudonym Robert Rusticoat, but was actually the work of Harry Croswell. Croswell, a journalist, was a […]

  • Millennials rather spend money on vices than save

    HOUSTON- A new survey from, shows that Millennials are spending a lot of dough on vices. 54 percent of people surveyed, admitted to eating out at least 3 times a week. 30 percent surveyed said  they buy coffee at least 3 times a week. To save some cash, Bankrate recommends cooking your own meals and brewing your own cuppa joe at home. But what about letting loose, with your friends? The survey showed that 51 percent of Millennials go […]

  • Weathering the Storm [Part 3]: What should you do after the storm has passed?

    HOUSTON — It’s Hurricane Season. Imagine for a minute that a major storm has just come and gone. Now, after counting all your fingers and toes, what’s next? It’s time to assess the damage— if there is any. This is when your preparation comes into play, to save the day! Power and telephone lines could be down across the city, so keep away from any dangling lines, and report them immediately to the power company. Do not enter buildings that […]

  • A new study examines American’s diverse pronunciations

    HOUSTON- America is one big melting pot and nothing shows our diversity more than our pronunciation. According, to the Department of Statistics, you can tell where a person comes from just by the way they say certain words. But does that rule still apply in a city as diverse as Houston? NewsFix hit the city and asked Houstonians how to pronounce certain words including; pecan, lawyer and caramel. Stats show that west of the Ohio River the word ‘caramel’ becomes […]

  • Weathering the Storm [Part 2]: Flood insurance, gas shortages and keeping pets safe during the storm

    HOUSTON — Hurricane Season just started, and we’ve already had our first scare. Luckily, Cindy left Houston alone, but the NOAA is predicting a busier than average hurricane season, expecting as many as four major hurricanes in 2017. It’s been nearly a decade since Houston felt the wrath of Hurricane Ike, and being prepared could mean life or death for many Bayou City residents. It is crucial that families prepare a disaster response plan. MUST READ: Weathering the Storm [Part […]

  • Hotdogs vs. Hamburgers: Local Houstonians weigh in

    HOUSTON-  A new survey from Walmart proves that burgers are the favorite among Americans. The super store went state to state and 39 states confirmed that their heart belongs to the big juicy burger. So, are you team hamburger, or team hot dog? Our very own Lonestar state, beat all states in sales of hamburger and hot dog buns combined. The survey also showed, that ketchup reigns supreme over mustard in every state. Doesn’t matter whether it’s charcoal or propane, […]

  • Weathering the Storm [Part 1]: Tools, tips for an airtight emergency plan! 

    HOUSTON — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is anticipating a busier than usual hurricane season with meteorologists predicting as many as four major hurricanes in 2017 alone. We’ve already had one close call with Tropical Storm Cindy, so maybe you’re a Gulf Coast-native looking to brush up on your emergency plan. Or maybe you’re a transplant new to Texas and don’t have one. Either way, here are a few easy ways to stay ready all season long! Be smart […]

  • Snake bites in the US on the rise

    HOUSTON- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates around 8,000 people are bit by venomous snakes each year, but only about five of those bites are fatal. According, to the North Texas Poison Control Center, snake bites have increased 100 to 200 a year in the past few years. “We have had warmer winters these past two years, reptiles are cold-blooded, so the warmer the weather, the more active they’re going to be,” said Iliana Mock of TWRC Wildlife […]

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