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  • Burglar climbs into bed with sleeping couple in Montgomery County, deputies say

    SPRING, Texas — Two’s company, but three’s a crowd — and in this case, burglary as well! Lonnie Jones was arrested Monday morning after he broke into a couple’s house in the 3100 block of Legends Creek around 4 a.m. the night before, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said. Homeowner Jarred Morris and his girlfriend were sleeping when Jones crept into the couple’s room and climbed into bed with them, deputies said. The woman felt Jones touching her and woke up. […]

  • Foodgasm: Roost New American

    HOUSTON — For this week’s Foodgasm, we’re doing it family style with Roost in Montrose. The understated, much appreciated culinary hot spot cooks up a unique and delightful menu each month featuring locally sourced farm foods. Chef Kevin Naderi, who earned his spot at the great Chef’s table after beating Bobby Flay in a cooking contest, dishes out a series of succulent dishes that are guaranteed to leave you salivating. Here – he prepares the sweet and savory Patagonia Salmon […]

  • Merry Christmas Coronary- What’s causing the rise in heart attacks during the holidays?

    Guns!… Monsters!… Terrorism!… But the scariest of all… Christmas? That’s right, the holidays are one of the biggest killers and you probably didn’t know it- This time of year produces a phenomenon known as the “Merry Christmas Coronary” that shows a massive spike in heart-related deaths on Christmas and New Years. Medical pros used to think that it was all about cold weather, but the American Heart Association just published a study that looked at New Zealand and noticed the […]

  • Make-A-Wish kid who lost battle with cancer gives the gift of cinema to other sick kids

    HOUSTON — There’s something magical about the cinema – the red carpet, the bright lights, the glitz and glamour – but when young Katarina Stoffa was diagnosed with cancer, her treatments caused her to miss the thing she loved most – blockbuster premieres. Kat had an idea to give all kids at MD Anderson the gift of movie magic. “Her dream was to have the theater experience brought to the patients that are inpatient, that might not be able to […]

  • $7,500 raised at neighborhood bake sale to stop White Oak Music Hall

    HOUSTON — Most of us love Christmas carols, but three Houston neighborhoods hope to sing Silent Night even after the holidays are over. Local families have banded together to keep bands from rocking out at the White Oak Music Hall by filing a lawsuit on the ear-piercing concert complex. It’s time to listen to the children who can’t sleep at night— whose houses shake. And yank the permits on White Oak Music Hall, so this community can live its life […]

  • Foodgasm: Sweet Paris Creperie

    HOUSTON — This week, Foodgasm visits Sweet Paris, a Houston creperie that is guaranteed to make you say, “Ooh, La, La!” Your sweet tooth, savory tooth, and any other tooth you might have are going to be happy after co-Founder Allison Chavez walks us through the tantalizing menu which features everything from breakfast, lunch, and dessert crepes — as well as few surprises here and there! Chavez shows off the Chicken Carbonara and the S’mores Crepe and reminds us of a […]

  • 48 passengers killed in plane crash — including Pakistani pop star

    ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani community in Houston is mourning the unexpected loss of a Pakistani pop star. Junaid Jamshed was killed in a tragic plane crash that set a mountain ablaze early Wednesday morning near Islamabad. Local TV footage showed the wreckage — and it’s not pretty. None of the 48-passengers survived. “It was such a sad news early in the morning to hear about this. For a moment, I didn’t know how to react. The man has an extraordinary […]

  • The Dakota Access Pipeline could be rerouted— but is this the end of DAPL?

    HOUSTON — Fireworks and celebration songs rang out Sunday night over Canon Ball, North Dakota after the US Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to deny the Dakota Access Pipeline’s easement under the Missouri River. After months of enduring harsh weather, privatized police attacks, and the destruction of sacred burial grounds, The Standing Rock Sioux and its allies see the decision as an environmental and cultural victory. “It’s the best news for Native people, Native country, for the whole United States- […]

  • World’s biggest cigarette company says it could stop selling cigarettes

    HOUSTON — With over 1 billion cigarette smokers worldwide, it’s getting a little hard to breathe. Tobacco giant, Philip Morris has unleashed some cigarette tech in England with promises this could eventually push the company to stop selling traditional cigarettes. First, came Brexit. Now comes, Cigare-xit. The IQOS is a hybrid electronic cigarette that heats tobacco up to 350 degrees instead of burning it to create a smoke like vapor, and it looks a lot like a cheesy sci-fi movie […]

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