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  • Erica Powell bounces her way to Class Act

    HOUSTON, Tx — Erica Powell is a junior at Conroe High School and it’s her basketball skills that set her apart. Her freshman year she suffered a torn ACL at the end of her season. Her recovery was fast and she is back on the court without a brace or any sign of weakness. She’s still adjusting to her leadership role on the team, but she lets her skills on the hardcourt speak for her.

  • What is each state the worst at?

    HOUSTON, Texas — Instead of pointing out the great things that can be found in the different states of the U.S., Thrillest has decided to point out the things that worst things about each state. For example, Alabama has the most child smokers, North Dakota is the least visited of all the states and Utah is the nerdiest state. Everything’s bigger in the Lone Star State, including the amount of high school dropouts. Texas is the only state where less […]

  • 12-Year-Old with brain tumor wishes for well to be built in Africa

    HOUSTON, Texas — Alyssa Ferguson is 12 years old and battling a brain tumor. She had the opportunity to wish for anything she wanted through the Make-a-Wish Foundation and her wish was for a water well to be built in a village in Africa. Alyssa said, “If I didn’t even get cancer, I wouldn’t be making this wish. It wasn’t like a life-or-death situation so I thought I could take the opportunity to help someone else.” Sandy Ferguson, Alyssa’s mom, […]

  • New York Jets defensive lineman compares himself to J.J. Watt

    HOUSTON, Texas — J.J. Watt is a guy who’s as humble off the field as he is dominant on the field. With an attitude like that, it’s no surprise that anyone would want to be like Watt. This even applies to other players in the NFL. The New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson thinks his name should also be talked about when regarding the best defensive players in the NFL. Richardson said, “J.J. Watt, he’s got a few more […]

  • Hedwig Village PD releases video of officer-involved shooting

    HOUSTON, TX – On July 28, 2014, a Hedwig Village police officer attempted to stop a vehicle for making an illegal turn. That simple traffic stop turned into a high-speed chase and a shootout between the suspect and an officer. Hedwig Village Police Department has now released the in-car video of the entire incident, which includes the fatal shooting of the driver, Emilio Solis. Solis emerged from the car with his arm raised as if he was going to surrender. […]

  • Case Keenum has first Texans practice since August

    HOUSTON, TX – Case Keenum is back. Wednesday he practiced with the Texans for the first time since August. Keenum said, “It feels great. I got off the plane and the nice 68 degree December winter humidity hit me right in the face and I felt right at home.” J.J. Watt said, “It’s good to have him back. Obviously the city here loves him. He’s a Houston kid. It’s good to have him back. I feel like this is Case’s […]

  • Houston is home to second wealthiest ZIP code

    HOUSTON, Texas — The zip code 90210 may be the one that comes to mind when you think of wealth, but Houston actually has the second most wealthy ZIP code in the country. According to Movoto, the ZIP code 77010, a small area inside downtown Houston, is the second richest ZIP code in the nation. The wealthiest ZIP code is in Gibson Island, Maryland. The Houston 77010 area doesn’t include much more than George R. Brown Convention Center, Discovery Green […]

  • River Oaks students learn about space from an astronaut

    HOUSTON, Texas — Girls Incorporated hosted nearly fifty young ladies from River Oaks Elementary to learn about Orion’s recent test flight success and what it’s like to be in space from astronaut Rick Hieb. Hieb said, “If I can help them understand that they can do something special with their lives, then it’s worth spending that time to do it. Whether it’s to be an astronaut, or a teacher, or doctor or lawyer everybody needs some ideas about role models.” […]

  • State record holder Tren’Davian Dickson is a Class Act

    NAVASOTA, Texas — Navasota High School junior Tren’Davian Dickson broke the state-record for receiving touchdowns caught in a season with 34 touchdowns. With just one more touchdown, Dickson would break the national record. However, Dickson doesn’t focus too much on the records. Instead, he focuses on his team securing the win. Putting the team first is why Dickson is a class act.

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