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  • Closing Comments: What matters

    HOUSTON — So, what really matters? Health. It sound’s cliche, but if you don’t have it, you certainly understand.

  • Closing Comments: Tiger Woods respects the president

    HOUSTON — It sure is a schizophrenic world! Anyone remember Tuffy the Rodeo Clown? The Missouri bull fighter whose life became a living hell after a video of him in a President Obama mask at the state fair went viral! A mask! He was labeled a racist! Or how about the attacks on birthers? Meaning, anyone who dared question the place of the former president’s birth. The smack down bestowed by activists, the media and the usual suspects because, agree […]

  • Closing Comments: Two wrongs and a right

    HOUSTON — OK, call this commentary two wrongs and a right!    

  • Closing Comments: Grego talks about sending his daughter off to college

    HOUSTON — Grego shares his personal experience with one of parenthood’s most bittersweet moments: sending your child away for college.

  • Closing Comments: 3D printed gun

    HOUSTON — A lot of liberty loving conservatives are voicing support for 3D printed gun plans to be allowed on the web for download by whoever wants them, claiming it’s a First Amendment right. But on this one…I have to disagree. And I say that as a supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms!

  • Closing Comments: Good Americans

    HOUSTON — I think it’s safe to say that you and I have a shared interest— we like news! Unfortately, even our favorite outlets, may have us feeling a little divided lately.  

  • Closing Comments: National Police Week

    HOUSTON — It’s National Police Week, a time to honor those in law enforcement who have paid the ultimate sacrifice because it is the right thing to do. From the Officer Down Memorial page, here is the 2017-2018 list of the fallen officers who wore the badge in Texas, to honor their memory. Det. Jerry Ronald Walker – Little Elm Police Department Asst. Chief Deputy Clinton Francis Greenwood – Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 3 Corrections Officer Shana Renee Tedder- Texas […]

  • Closing Comments: Love and basketball — the British Royalty Edition!

    HOUSTON — Every so often the news cycle includes events others find interesting that I have absolutely no interest in and that bore me. Take for instance, the Royal Wedding.

  • Closing Comments: Republicans vs. Democrats? No, not quite! 

    HOUSTON — My neighbor, who is an oil well firefighter and lifelong self-described blue dog Democrat, caught me in the street the other day. He said, “looks like we now know no matter who is in office, we the people always get screwed!” All and All, I have to say that’s a fair assessment. I think where many get it wrong is they still believe it’s Republicans versus Democrats when really it’s us— the American people — against an all powerful, […]