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  • Walking with pride: Graduation Day for Harris County Sheriff’s Department Detention Center inmates

    HOUSTON – Whoever said ‘you only do two days in jail – the day you go in, and the day you get out,” never met Pablo Reyes. “Instead of sitting in a dorm 24 hours a day, seven days a week doing nothing, I decided to apply myself and do something different,” Reyes said. He’s still awaiting his next reset date for a possession of controlled substance charge. Wednesday was the culmination of countless hours of hard work — and […]

  • Women getting less exercise than men, especially after high school

    DURHAM, N. C. — American women are falling behind, according to Duke University.  According to their research, 20% of adolescent girls self-reported participating in not one single minute of recreational physically activity per week. That compares to only 12% of boys saying the same thing. But it gets worse.  In the decade after high school, 40% of women and 30% of men report the same lack of exercise. “Everyone needs to have exercise to improve their heart, and prevent medical […]

  • Katy ranked high among best cities in U.S. for retirement

    KATY, Texas — It’s not hard for the folks in Katy to see the silver lining in this next study that’s trending in the Houston area. Katy has been ranked best city in Texas for retirees. SmartAsset is a financial technology company and website that ranked the top cities in America for retirees. Katy rounded out the top 20 in America, but they’re first in Texas! Richmond, Tomball, Webster, and Humble also made the top ten. The criteria behind the […]

  • Between the Lines: Craig steps into the world of virtual reality

    HOUSTON — Craig Hlavaty recently visited StudioVR arcade in the Galleria area to see what owner David Haney is up to. His business allows clients to step into virtual worlds using his high-end equipment. Craig shot some aliens, orcs, and even got a sweat going without leaving the room!

  • Montgomery County mosquitoes test positive for West Nile, travel season risks

    HOUSTON — Two mosquito samples test positive for the West Nile Virus in Montgomery County. Montgomery County Health Department confirms that West Nile was first detected in a sample tested Tuesday, and spraying started on Wednesday.  No human cases have been found thus far this year. When dangers flare up here at home, a protocol is in place to fight the spread.  That’s not always the case in other parts of the world. While our mosquito season is just getting […]

  • Harris County school safety seminar looks at prevention and reaction

    HOUSTON — Keeping schools a safe and secure environment for learning and teaching: that’s the goal at the Center for Safe and Secure Schools, which is holding a school safety summit here in Houston. “We’re looking at a lot of different topics like cyber security, restorative discipline practices, how do we define and recognize in others, students that are troubled, and what can we do proactively to get out in front of it?” Dir. Ecomet Burley of the Center for […]

  • Between the Lines: Craig tries out mobile IV therapy

    HOUSTON — Craig Hlavaty recently tried out mobile IV hydration therapy, which involves an IV full of vitamins injected directly into the bloodstream. Jaron Black with Drip Dynamics was more than happy to put a needle in Craig’s arm in the back of a cool white van.

  • Factory workers in Baytown send postcards to President Trump asking for deal on tariffs

    BAYTOWN, Texas – Steel workers at one pipe factory in Baytown are sending a message to President Donald Trump. Workers at Borusan Mannesmann are writing postcards to ask influential members of government, including Trump, for a ‘deal’ regarding tariffs on steal and aluminum from other countries. “The deal is we want a short term exemption on this 25% taxes on pipe we’re importing from Turkey, and in return we’ll use that two years to build another factory here and employ […]

  • New research shows chemotherapy unneeded for certain type of breast cancer

    Good news for the fight against breast cancer! Research just released in the New England Journal of Medicine says about 70% of women diagnosed with early-stages of a common breast cancer will not need chemotherapy. “This study was done to look at patients with early stage breast cancer that are essentially estrogen progesterone receptor positive and Herceptin receptor negative” says Dr. Ali Mazloom, M.D., DABR, Medical Director of HCA Facility, Cy-Fair Medical Center. OK, so once a tumor is found […]