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  • Lawsuit against homeless feeding ordinance on verge of dismissal

    HOUSTON — A Houstonian claiming his religious freedom is being denied might soon see his lawsuit against the city dismissed. “And it appeared that Judge Kyle Carter was thinking about dismissing the case saying that Phillip doesn’t have standing,” says Attorney Eric Dick. Phillip Paul Bryant filed a lawsuit in 2017, claiming his religious rights to charitable giving were being infringed upon by a 2012 Houston feeding the homeless ordinance. In the City of Houston, you can give five homeless […]

  • No more ‘moist money’! Sweaty boob and sock money being denied at some retailers

    HOUSTON – It’s hot and it’s humid, and Texans… you’re sweating!  Especially if you’re working out, or working in the sun, it’s expected.  But be careful about where you keep your cash. There’s a trend of stores refusing to accept sweaty bills. Images are popping up online from across the country, where retailers are saying “thanks, but no thanks” to your `moist money.` Johnathan Delgado’s business, ‘Popston’ booms in the heat.  But he says he’s not in a position to […]

  • Between the Lines: Craig visits El Gato Coffeehouse

    HOUSTON — Craig Hlavaty, an avowed dog guy, recently visited the El Gato Coffeehouse in the Heights to see if he could get in touch with his feline side. The coffeehouse helps raise awareness of cat adoption in Houston and lets patrons visit with cats in need of loving homes.

  • USGS report says Harvey officially most significant rainfall in history; African dust cripples tropical development

    HOUSTON – It’s official!  The United States Geological Survey reports this week that Hurricane Harvey is the most significant rainfall event in United States history. The new record is 60.58 inches near Nederland, Texas. “I remember being outside at 2 in the morning just praying to stop, it was slacking off, but it never wanted to stop,” said Chris Duque, City Manager for City of Nederland. The new numbers flush out the previous record of 48 inches of rain set […]

  • Not all children under 5 reunited with parents at the border by deadline

    HOUSTON — Fourteen days are up! Back in June, a federal judge ordered that by July 10, unless reunification is not in the best interest of the child, a child under 5 years old that was separated from their parents at the U.S. – Mexico border, must be reunited with their parents. The Department of Justice produced a list of 102 immigrant children under the age of 5 who were separated from adults at the border. And as dozens of […]

  • Plasma-powered rocket being tested as more efficient space travel

    CLEAR LAKE, Texas – In Space City Texas, Ad Astra Rocket Company is trying to revolutionize space travel, and to do it, they’re using plasma. “Plasma is what the sun is made out of, the stars are made out of plasmas and we see plasmas sometimes on Earth when we see a lightning bolt for example,”  CEO and former NASA Astronaut Dr. Frank Chang Diaz said. “I was a product of the Sputnik era,” he said. “I was fascinated by […]

  • HPD, AAA warn strongly against drinking and driving this 4th of July

    HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department and AAA want you to plan your 4th of July partying now! “Once you get to a bar, once you get to an event, is not the time and place to decide to catch a cab or to call an Uber. You need to make that plan before you ever leave the house,” said Captain Kenneth Campbell with the Houston Police Department. Because if you drink and decide to drive – you will get […]

  • Local boy enjoying life without weekly seizures thanks to Texas law allowing medicinal marijuana use

    HOUSTON – NewsFix first met the Lindeens in February, just before the Texas Compassionate Use Act went into effect. The act gave a very small list of doctors the ability to prescribe cannabis oil that’s high in CBD level and low in THC level. The prescriptions are currently only for patients with intractable epilepsy, like 9-year-old Zachary, who at his most difficult point, was reaching 40 seizures a week. “We were thinking that his life was to be living with […]

  • Reefer Remedies: Professionals talk big moves in marijuana medicine

    HOUSTON — There’s a lot on the horizon with reefer remedies. On the national level, the FDA approved a CBD drug,  Epidiolex,’ in June for the treatment of seizures associated with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Not only does this set new precedent, it also opens the doors for the Drug Enforcement Agency to change marijuana’s Schedule 1 status, which essentially bans any form of marijuana by federal law. The ripple effects could lead to everything from insurance companies covering […]