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  • Houston’s Goro & Gun: Bar food Japanese style

    HOUSTON – When it comes to Asian cooking, the sky’s the limit. And in Houston the competition is stiff. There’s Chinese and Korean, pad-Thai, Vietnamese, Pho shops and Noodle houses. Then there’s the little-known Japanese tradition of Izakaya. If you haven’t heard of it, then you haven’t been to Goro & Gun. “Izakaya is a kind of, in Japan it’s a small bar where people come to drink and eat after work,” Executive Chef John Woodward explains. Basically, it’s a […]

  • Merry Christmas Kim Jong Un

    HOUSTON, Texas — Have you heard? Sony’s controversial new film “The Interview” is going to get its Christmas debut after all. After Sony Pictures announced the reason for the cancellation was because theaters refused to show the film, a handful of private movie chains – including Houston’s own Alamo Draft House Cinemas – reached out to the movie studio and asked to show the movie. “Late monday night we received an email and a phone call from Sony saying it […]

  • Houston police giving more than tickets this holiday season

    HOUSTON, Texas – It’s the last thing you want just before the holidays. A traffic ticket, but this holiday season, the Houston Police Department has a few tricks up their sleeves. Thanks to a donation from a private citizen, HPD officers spent the morning pulling over drivers and making their holidays a little merrier $100 at a time. And the lucky drivers couldn’t be happier. “I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” one driver told us. Ginger Navy’s daughter is at […]

  • Baytown family gets life-changing gift from local business

    HOUSTON, TX – There’s nothing like unwrapping a surprise on Christmas, especially when the surprise is a new car. That’s what happened to Neila Gaona and her family. To make Christmas a little brighter for the Baytown family, Bates Collision Centers repainted and refurbished a 2009 Chevy Cobalt free of charge and presented it to the family as a gift for the holidays. “We fix cars everyday, it’s what we do,” owner Leila Bates said. “But there’s a totally different […]

  • Mayor Parker teams with Comcast to launch EveryBlock news app

    HOUSTON -Journalists beware, the city of Houston is getting into the news business. Mayor Parker announced today that the city is teaming up with Comcast to launch EveryBlock, a street-by-street news and information service for Houston’s inquiring minds. “How can we take the range of information that we want to provide to our citizens, and give them the parts that they want and need, but not overwhelm them with stuff that they don’t need?” the Mayor said of the idea […]

  • Who is Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ for 2014?

    NEW YORK, New York – It’s been a hell of a week for Kent Brantly. Remember him? He’s the Texas doctor who was cured from ebola while working in Africa this summer. And it was his blood donations that ultimately cured others. Yesterday, he was honored by the city of Fort Worth as¬†December 9 was declared Dr. Kent Brantley day. “This is nothing I ever expected,” he told supporters in Ft. Worth, “and I’m very humbled by this honor.” Now, […]

  • Your class-action settlement check is in the mail. Should you cash it?

    HOUSTON, Texas ¬†-Hey Toyota owners, guess what? If you’re involved in that class-action unintended acceleration lawsuit, then no need to go to the courthouse, your check is already in the mail. The Toyota economic loss settlement administrator has begun sending checks out to folks who may be impacted by the case for a whopping $29.23. But it comes with a caveat. According to the fine print, by signing the check you agree, in part, that you will fully and forever […]

  • Family cancels Christmas

    HURRICANE, Utah -Three boys from Utah are going to have a blue Christmas this year. After too many marks on the naughty list, Lisa Henderson – author of the ‘Over the Big Boon blog’ – and her husband John have decided to cancel Christmas. In a blog post titled ‘Why my Husband and I Cancelled Christmas’ the mother of three says that while the family is still putting up decorations and enjoying all the other traditions, they will not be […]

  • Airbag manufacturer refuses to extend recall

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – They’re calling it the battle of the bags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wanted the Takata corporation to recall millions of potentially defective airbags on cars nationwide by midnight last night. But with the deadline come and gone and the company refusing to comply, Takata executives are finding themselves in the hotseat before a congressional panel in Washington. And with drivers who want their cars to be safe. “The airbags are exploding, you see all these […]

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