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  • Woman gets flesh eating bacteria in Galveston

    Woman gets flesh eating bacteria in Galveston

    GALVESTON, TX – Galveston’s gotten the reputation of having murky water, but no swimmer expects to find flesh eating bacteria in the water. That’s exactly what happened. A women in Galveston claims cutting her foot on an oyster bed. After receiving medical attention and stitches for her cut, doctors told her she was infected with Vibrio Vulnificus, a flesh eating bacteria found in warm salt water if not treated quickly, it can be fatal. Galveston County Health officials say: “There […]

  • Terminally Ill Teen Becomes Honorary UH Football Player

    HOUSTON, TX – He may be only 15, but he’s already signing his letter of intent at University of Houston. Jacolby Rogers says, “I’m gonna be part of a big family, with a whole bunch of brothers who love me and care about me.” Rogers was diagnosed with end state renal disease when he was just a year old. Six month’s after, he received a kidney transplant that his body rejected. He’s been on dialysis three days a week, year […]

  • West Houston neighborhood has had enough of this pothole

    WEST HOUSTON, TX- This weeks Pothole is coming to you from a quiet neighborhood on the west side of town. It’s right in the middle of the road at 3131 Hollow Creek Drive. The residents here have been complaining about it for months, and all they got was this lousy sign placed in the pothole. Check it out.

  • Wristband trying to produce shocking exercise results

    Wristband produces shocking exercise results

    HOUSTON, TX – The Hawaii Chair is a ridiculous device that was designed years ago, so you could workout at your desk, without the worry of getting to the gym. Some people will try anything if they think it will help them get in shape, no matter how silly it may look. So here’s the latest device to try to get the job done. A stylish wristband that gives you all your bodily stats like heart rate and oxygen level, but this […]

  • Community comes together for the Stay family in Spring

    SPRING, TX-  The tragedy of the stay family massacre continues to linger in the hearts of many in Houston and the Spring area; especially for the lone survivor, 15 year old Cassidy Stay. The Stay Family Celebration of Life Fundraising BBQ is an event poised to recognize first responders as well as large scale fundraising for Cassidy Stay. Michael Willis, a community member says, “It is great that out of the darkest moments that the people surrounding can make the […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 6.42.42 PM

    Houston family burning mad after being displaced by apartment fire

    HOUSTON, TX – Your apartment building is on fire. You`re awakened in the middle of the night, to the smell of smoke and sounds of screaming. and then, Kiandra Davis says she feels taken advantage of by her apartment landlord at falls of Antoine Apartments Kianda Davis says, “All I wanted was for them to air out my apartment, and they told me they were going to knock the building down. But instead, they made me go down to the Retreat, and […]

  • Blowing the lid off of Houston’s pothole problem

    Blowing the lid off of Houston’s pothole problem

    HOUSTON, TX – This week we’re following up on some of the potholes around town that we’ve had on the segment. A “Where are They Now” of sorts. Our latest pothole on Eldridge Parkway at Westheimer is still there holding up traffic at rush hour. Hopefully this bad boy will get fixed soon. That area has a lot of potholes. The pothole on Renwick has been fixed! This tire shredder was really bad, it’s nice to see it patched-up. We […]

  • Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott talk at Texas PTA Conference

    HOUSTON, TX – The Texas P.T.A. is in town with it’s annual “LAUNCH” Summer Leadership Seminar. The conference equips attendees with training, networking opportunities and resources through access to workshops, exhibits and over 3,000 p.t.a. leaders. They may be opponents on the ballot come November, but this weekend it was about agreeing that Texas education is a key issue in the lone star state. Attorney General Greg Abbott and Senator Wendy Davis are holding a discussion around education policies in […]

  • Pothole on Eldridge Parkway stops traffic for commuters

    Pothole on Eldridge Parkway stops traffic for commuters

    HOUSTON, TX- This week’s pothole can be found on the west side of town, heading Southbound on Eldridge Parkway at Westheimer. You can tell this thing’s been here a while; too long if you ask us. Check it out!

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