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  • FEMA uses Waffle House Index as Hurricane resource

    HOUSTON— Come rain, hail, sleet, snow or hurricane, one thing is for sure, the Waffle House is open! It might just arguably be the most important resource FEMA uses to determine just how bad a storm really is. And for Hurricane Florence, The Waffle House Storm Center has been activated. The 24-hour breakfast chain never closes, like ever. It’s known for staying open during natural disasters, usually becoming the hangout spot for first responders. FEMA calls it the Waffle House […]

  • Inside Story: Hyperloop coming to Texas but not necessarily Houston

    HOUSTON — Korean-American artist Nam June Paik once said, “The future is now.” The saying has never been more evident than the possibility of a Hyperloop coming to the Lone Star State. Earlier this summer, Houston got word that the Dallas Fort-Worth Regional Transportation Council struck a deal with Virgin Hyperloop One to explore building Texas’ first ultra high speed system. And low and behold, the lightning fast travel way is poised to blow right past the Bayou City! So, is […]

  • Local realtor donates large percentage of commission to charity

    HOUSTON — September is National Childhood Cancer Month. Have you made a donation to help out? Owner Wes Stoyanov of Luxury Homes Realty is donating a large portion of his commission to charity, about 40% to be exact! Newsfix joined Stoyanov at the Periwinkle Foundation for children with cancer as he delivered an over-sized check and a very generous donation. Every bit helps and $2,000 is nothing to shake a stick at. Way to go, Wes! Stoyanov was the same realtor […]

  • Famous rap lyric signs popping up all over Houston— and they’re here to stay!

    HOUSTON — You’ve heard the rhymes, but have you seen the signs? Purple signs with H-town rap lyrics are popping up all over the city! And for the New York artist behind the project, Jay Shells, every rhyme has a reason. Normally, he sells the street signs online for $100 each. But, from time to time, he takes a few and puts them in their proper location. He’s hit up New York, Los Angeles, Philly and Atlanta. However, his project […]

  • Inside Story: Must-haves for your Houston eats bucket list!

    HOUSTON — In today’s world, one might say, “To eat, or not to eat?” That is the question. But here in the Bayou City, it’s less of a question of if and more of an inquiry of where. We dine out and check out some restaurants that are sure to make your bucket list in today’s Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia. Let the culinary voyage begin, at what’s sure to be an instant classic. Tempt your taste buds to the […]

  • ‘Bayou Dave’ shows how he cleans up Buffalo Bayou

    HOUSTON – Have you ever wondered what happens to trash when you throw it out the window? Most likely it ends up in Buffalo Bayou. “Bayou Dave” spent the last 10 years cleaning up the bayou and it’s no easy feat. NewsFix traveled with him and his crew as he shows us the good and bad on the bayou. Check it out.

  • Stay safe! Labor Day is one of the deadliest times on the road

    HOUSTON, TX – It’s Labor Day Weekend y’all!!! Time to punch the clock, hit the open road and start drinking. Right? Not so fast!!! Only do it in that order. Texas Department of Transportation says an average of 40 people are killed in crashes around the state during Labor Day Weekend, making it one of the deadliest times to be on the road. It’s also “No Refusal Weekend,” so if you’re caught driving drunk — do not pass go. Instead, […]

  • It’s not always safe to swim at Galveston beaches, research says

    HOUSTON — Only hours remain until the official kick off of the Labor Day weekend— the final hoorah before summer comes to a close! The good news is all beaches in Galveston are free of bacteria and pollution, at least, for now that is. Environment Texas recently reported clean water isn’t always the case and warns beach goes to swim at their own risk. The report said E. coli and other bacteria was found at 63% of Texas beaches and […]

  • Can’t believe it! Houston Texans among most expensive teams to root for

    HOUSTON — Question: how big of a Texans fan are you? A true fan would give an arm and a leg to root for their favorite team at every regular season game— whether home or away, right? How much would you give to parade the country with the Bulls for all 16 games. A study calculates it more than $7,600 to catch every Texans game this season. It’s the second highest team in the NFL to root for, just below […]

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