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  • Houston among top Texas cities for most frequent DUI fatalities

    HOUSTON — The loss of life for any reason is tragic— including at the hands of a drunken driver. A recent Valuepenguin study stated nearly 17,500 alcohol-related traffic accidents occurred in Texas in 2016. And in some Texas cities, those crashes were significantly more fatal than others. The Bayou City saw nearly 1,500 DUI accidents and 6% of those resulted in at least one fatality, landing Houston  in the No. 8 spot on the list for most dangerous cities for […]

  • Time to guard your kids against a possible measles outbreak

    HOUSTON — Texas is among 21 states the Centers for Disease Control is monitoring for measles— with six cases already reported this year! There have already been 107 cases of measles reported in the U.S. since the start of the year. However, the CDC assures citizens that it’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, one factoid should raise a few eyebrows. A majority of cases involved people who were not vaccinated, the report stated. Not sure if you or your child […]

  • Family sues funeral home for $50 million cremation mistake

    HOUSTON — What would you do if a loved one passed away and funeral arrangements were made, only to find out the funeral home had your family member cremated against your wishes and then gave the ashes to someone else! That’s exactly what happened to the family of 79-year-old Roberta Salazar. Salazar’s family says Roberta helped plan her own funeral, down to the dress she would wear. Instead of embalming Salazar’s body, Grace Funeral Home in Victoria not only cremated […]

  • Inside Story: The shelter inside the shelter during Hurricane Harvey

    HOUSTON — When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston a year ago, Houstonians risked everything to escape the rising waters. Truckloads of our neighbors landed on the doorsteps of the GRB with pets in tow. And that’s when the shelter inside the shelter came to life! Salise Shuttlesworth, director of the Heights-based Friends for Life no kill adoption and rescue shelter, made a mad dash to establish order for hundreds of pet owners. Drop zones and collection points were organized for donated […]

  • Free back-to-school haircuts for kids in Third Ward 

    HOUSTON — If to look good is to feel good, then kids in Third Ward are feeling like a million bucks! Houston This Is It Soul Food and Master Barber Headquarters from Humble offered free back-to-school haircuts Monday for children ages 4 to 14. The one-day event was held in a makeshift barbershop at the restaurant. While the kids enjoyed haircuts, parents participated in Walmart gift card drawings that took place every half hour. AT&T pitched in with school supplies […]

  • It’s tax free weekend, again! Does back-to-school shopping make it all worthwhile?

    HOUSTON — Who’s ready to go back-to-school shopping? Because this weekend, it’s tax free! It’s year 20 for the shopping gimmick, so run — don’t walk — to the closest participating retailer and wait in line for hours just to save 8 cents for every dollar. It’s worth it, right? Get pencils, paper, scissors and glue. Don’t forget clothes, shoes and backpacks, too. As long as those individual items are less than $100, it’s all tax free! And you know […]

  • Should the president be able to shut down media outlets?

    HOUSTON — We’ve all heard it before: fake news! However, should the president (any sitting president) have the power to shut down news organizations he thought were— let’s say, acting bad? IPSOS just released a poll suggesting 26% of U.S. residents believe the theory of POTUS closing media outlets would actually be a good thing. About 43% of Republicans agree along with 12% of Democrats. Of course, the numbers could be skewed depending on which side of the isle the […]

  • Local group calling for DNA testing of remains found at Fort Bend ISD construction site

    SUGAR LAND, Texas — The controversy surrounding the Sugar Land site once used as a burial ground is heating up— and yet, construction continues! The National Black United Front alongside archeologists contracted with Fort Bend ISD toured the construction site to get a firsthand look at the 95 unmarked graves found at the new home of the districts future career and technical Center. The tour ended with a laundry list of demands for what’s believed to be the remains of […]

  • Inside Story: How far will a charitable $50 donation go?

    HOUSTON — There’s an old saying that goes “charity begins at home.” Question is how much to give. $10? $50? $100? How about we meet in the middle and find out just how far $50 can really go at three Houston charities. The answer might surprise you in today’s Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia. A $50 donation at Trees for Houston means five small trees about 3 to 4 feet tall make their way into the Houston landscape […]