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  • Facebook page for lonely boy’s birthday goes viral

    RICHLAND, MI – Most kids look forward to their birthday every year, but one Michigan boy isn’t like most kids. Ten year old Colin, who was diagnosed with sensory processing disorders similar to Asbergers Syndrome, told his mom not to worry about throwing him a party for his 11th birthday next month because he doesn’t have any friends to invite. Colin’s mom was heartbroken for her son so she started a Facebook page hoping friends and family would leave birthday […]

  • Nearly 9 million pounds of meat recalled

    PETALUMA, CA – Meat lovers, listen up. There’s a massive meat recall you should know about. Nearly nine million pounds of beef and veal products from California’s Rancho Feeding Corporation are being recalled because federal officials said the meat came from diseased animals and it wasn’t properly inspected. So far no one has reported getting sick from the tainted meats. The products were shipped to distribution centers and retailers in California, Florida, Illinois and Texas between January 2013 and 2014.

  • Golfers find ball on the head of an alligator

    ENGLEWOOD, FL – Folks in Florida know that alligators can show up pretty much anywhere, at anytime. But it was still pretty weird when some golfers ran into a gator on a course in Englewood. It wasn’t the gator’s presence that was strange. It was the golf ball perched precariously on the head of the gator that seemed out of the ordinary. The golfers said it wasn’t one of their balls, and didn’t bother to retrieve it. While most chose to […]

  • Good Samaritan shot for helping family being robbed

    NORTH HOUSTON, TX – Helping those in need is a no-brainer for some, but that man who rushed to help a North Houston family in need, needed a trip to the hospital after getting shot in the leg. It started early Sunday morning when four masked men busted into a home in the 7400 block of Antoine. The men reportedly held guns to the family inside while demanding money and electronics. The father was able to sneak out and ran […]

  • Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead at age 46

    MANHATTAN, NY – Movie fans across the world are mourning the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Known as an actor with a wide range, now his memorable roles are all that’s left after the 46-year-old Oscar-winner was found dead in his New York apartment Sunday morning. Even though the exact cause of death hasn’t been released, some sources are reporting that Hoffman was found with a needle in his arm and heroin was found at the scene. The idea he died […]

  • Death toll from senior center fire likely to rise

    L’ISLE-VERTE, CANADA – It’s been several days since a fire ripped through a senior home in Canada, but the number of those who died is still unknown. According to Quebec Provincial Police, at least eight people are confirmed dead, but that number could rise as high as 32. Officials explained they wanted to wait to make sure those reported missing weren’t just away from the center at the time of the fire, but it looks like hope is dwindling. “I think we […]

  • 1 killed, 3 injured when truck drives through crowd

    SPRING, TX – A fight between two groups of people outside a closed bar in Spring killed one person and injured three others early Saturday morning. Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies said they were called to the Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon on Holzwarth around 2:20 a.m. on a report that several people had been run over. Witnesses said someone in a pickup truck drove through the crowd before taking off. One woman was killed, a man and two other women […]

  • Cougar cubs rescued after hunter kills mom

    PORTLAND, OR – Remember the worst part of the movie “Bambi”? The same heart-wrenching thing happened to a few newborn cougar cubs in Oregon, but just like Bambi this story also has a happy ending. The hunter, who is a retired wildlife biologist, said he didn’t realize the cougar he was hunting had cubs until it was too late. He was able to trace the tracks to find the three little guys in their den and get them to the Oregon […]

  • Mobster finally busted for 1978 Lufthansa heist

    NEW YORK, NY – It was one of the largest cash thefts in American history and a heist that seemed straight out of a movie. In fact, the theft of more than $5 million from JFK Airport back in 1978 made it to the big screen in the movie “Goodfellas.” More than 35 years later the guys who pulled off the Lufthansa heist are finally facing charges. Vincent Asaro is the first of five alleged members of the Bonanno crime family […]

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