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  • Texas lands on list of most prejudiced states in the nation

    HOUSTON, TX- Election season has made it blatantly obvious that our nation is very divided, and thanks to social media, proof is in the posts.  A new report out by apartment-search company Abodo breaks down the most prejudiced places in America by tweets. From June 2014 to December 2015, Abodo poured over 12 million tweets looking for politically correct to just plain prejudiced. Let’s just say they found plenty showcasing sexist, homophobic and racist American attitudes across the nation. Push […]

  • Comedian Billy D. Washington weighs in on Trump and Rubio’s funny feuds

    HOUSTON –  Remember the good ol’ days… leaning on politicians for advice and comedians for a good laugh? Oh how times have changed. Now comes Donald Trump and Mark Rubio. Their campaign cat fights are beginning to look a lot like stand up comedy. A perfect time to talk to our guy, nationally known comedian,  Billy D. Washington. He stopped by NewsFix to give some comic relief from all the political punches.

  • Klein ISD bus driver fired after close call on train tracks

    SPRING, TX- Talk about too close for comfort! A bus driver’s dangerous decision has administrators at Klein ISD pumping the breaks. It happened back on February 10th, but thanks to social media, the video is now trending on and off campus. A bus full of students from Klein-Oak caught an entirely too close call on train tracks less than a mile from school. Apparently, the bus driver drove over the train tracks just enough to clear them. As the next […]

  • Skin damaging “Eraser Challenge” becomes popular again

    Houston, TX – Thanks to social media, an old-school yard dare has resurfaced and it’s something that can really leave a mark. It’s called the “Eraser Challenge”. Kids rub erasers on their arms and legs, sometimes as long as the peer pressure lasts, others, while reciting the alphabet. The friction from the eraser burns your skin. If you do it enough, you could make yourself bleed, opening the wound for infection.

  • Reports that Beyonce and Jay Z are working on a postnuptial agreement

    Houston, TX- Everyone’s talking about Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl. But that’s not the only buzz circling Lady B and her husband Jay Z.  There’s reports the two are working on a postnuptial agreement. Most of us are familiar with prenuptials. That’s when two people get hitched and they plan out ahead of time who gets what in case things don’t work out. As far as a postnup, that’s a twist. It happens after you get married. Houston divorce […]

  • New York man steals friend’s winning lottery ticket

    NEW YORK CITY – Police in the Big Apple say a man stole a Powerball ticket worth $50,000 it was his friend’s ticket. Police say a friend of Rubelin Segura reportedly asked him to check his lottery ticket at the store to see if he won anything. When it cashed out at fifty grand, police say Segura switched the winning ticket with a fake. Reportedly the bad friend tried to claim the winnings, but he  didn’t name the right location […]

  • Waffle House taking reservations for Valentine’s Day

    The Waffle House is taking reservations for those looking to ditch the caviar and champagne for a t-bone and hash browns. Select locations around the country are offering a special Valentine’s Day romantic dinner. The restaurant will dress your table with a tablecloth and candles. Sure, you might be saving cash on your meal, but the extra bucks might have to pay for gas, since there’s no Waffle House taking part in Houston, but if you’re near Austin and Dallas […]

  • Woman starts “Go Fund Me” page to make up Powerball loss

    Cordova, TN – Apparently, one woman who didn’t win the billion dollar Powerball jackpot is putting her name out there, hoping to get back all the money she spent on Powerball tickets. Cinnamon Nicole took to the interwebs claiming she spent every last dime she had, with the assumption she would win. Her idea to fix it was tp set up a “Go Fund Me” page asking people to donate to her family. Yahoo reports she raised $800 in seven […]

  • Skinned, beheaded dog found near Seattle

    Port Orchard, WA-  A gruesome discovery in a Walmart parking lot southwest of Seattle. Animal control there is investigating an extreme case of animal abuse involving a young dog. The investigation was launched after the body of a dog was found in the bushes on the south side of the parking lot. The dog was beheaded, skinned, missing all 4 paws and its tail. Absolutely terrible. Investigators think the body was dumped between two and four days ago. They’re upping […]

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