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  • New video shows Space X rocket’s crash landing

    Atlantic OCEAN – Last week, the Space X Falcon 9 rocket lifted off smoothly and the craft successfully detached, taking supplies to the space station. Shortly afterward, however, Space X owner, Elon Musk, Tweeted about the rocket’s booster landing: ‘Close but no cigar.’ Now the video proof of the crash landing has been released. As planned it landed on the barge in the Atlantic Ocean, but not softly. It crashed in what’s called a ‘hot’ landing. Space X says there […]

  • Rally against terrorism in France and a million join together

    Paris, FR – As day turned to night in France, a heartbroken nation gathered to grieve what’s being called  France’s 9-11. Up to a million people gathered in the streets of Paris following three days of terror that left 17 people dead in the past week. The nation remains on high alert after security forces fatally shot a man who police said killed four hostages friday at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris. The same day, police killed two brothers […]

  • Deadly police shooting in Freeport

    FREEPORT, Tx. — On Wednesday, Freeport police shot and killed a suspect and then faced the fire from a gathering crowd. Police responded to a call at the Garden Villa Apartments. Ronald Sneed, 31, had reportedly kicked in the door at his common-law wife`s apartment. The caller was her 15-year old son. When police arrived, they say Sneed was sitting on the bed with her. Said Captain Raymond Garivey, Freeport PD, “They couldn`t see his hands, they demanded to see […]

  • Crowd clashes at malls and McDonalds

    MONROEVILLE, PA –  A couple of all-out mall brawls over the weekend caused shopping centers to shut down because of the chaos. In Monroeville, Pennsylvania, swarms of teenaged girls began kicking and punching each other as clashes spread throughout the mall.  While the girls battled, the boys used cell phones to record the violence rather than trying to stop it. Police estimate more than 1,000 teens showed up at the encouragement of social media. Said Mayor Greg Erosenko, Monroeville, “We’re […]

  • Library book overdue since 1949 returned

    DIXMONT, Maine – A man in Maine, looking through his father’s belongings, came across a 1946 edition of  the Margaret Mitchell classic “Gone With The Wind.” As he thumbed through it he noticed the library flap inside the back cover. The book had been checked out from the Spokane High School library and was overdue by 65 years. Wayne Hachey said, “I looked in the back and it had the library card, last checked out January 4, 1949.” Over the […]

  • Student suspended for bringing pencil to school

    VERNON TOWNSHIP, NJ – In Vernon Township a middle school student has been suspended for bringing a pencil to school.  Teachers thought the boy was playing with a gun when he wrapped a rubber band around his pencil, and they wasted no time kicking him out. The school even ordered him to go see a therapist, who reported he is fine. His parents claim the suspension is unfair.

  • Residents feel Scrooged by town Christmas tree

    READING, PA – In the town of Reading, Pennsylvania, a Christmas tree has residents seeing red. City leaders chose the tree and immediately townspeople started complaining. The tree began shedding its leaves almost immediately and generally looked like a mess, according to residents. Some call it a ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas tree, recalling the sad little spruce in the animated television special. Residents took their case to City Hall and won the right to have the tree replaced. The new tree […]

  • Texan finds audience in North Korea

    PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – A 29 year-old Texan has crossed into North Korea to denounce the U.S. government. Arturo Martinez of El Paso made several attempts to get into the country. He tried to swim over and when that attempt failed, he was put in a pyschiatric hospital. Still determined when he got out, he secured a payday loan to fund the trip. Finally center stage in North Korea, Martinez held a press conference, giving a scathing review of the […]

  • Quanell X visits podcast to fight racism

    HOUSTON, Texas – For weeks, community activist Quanell X and former HISD teacher Angela Box have been in a war of words. Said Quanell, “You have a teacher with such bigotry and such hateful beliefs about certain demographics, races and religions of all that reside right here in America.” But Box didn’t like that. “I demand that Quanell X apologize to me for his lies,” she said. It all started in November, when Box made an appearance on ‘Tommy’s Garage Live,’ […]

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