Lindsey Day didn’t always live a healthy lifestyle.

Like most of us, she was unathletic, had an unfit diet packed with junk food and the gym was uncharted territory. In fact, she could barely run a half-mile without her asthma kicking in.

While in college, she decided to get her act together and started participating in fitness competitions and winning awards for her sculpted physique! But the accolades came at a cost— hypothyroidism, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and a slew of other issues as she took a dangerous and unhealthy approach to fitness.

Lindsey started looking for answers and began working with a holistic doctor who taught her how to heal through nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.

A professional fitness coach and nutritionist, Lindsey is now an advocate for healthy dieting and exercise.

Join Lindsey and many others on their fitness journey weekly during Fitness Fridays on Morning Dose!

Recent Articles
  • A workout to help grow those glutes!

    Have you ever said, “Man, one day I want to be able to knock out a pull up!” Or maybe multiple ups! Personal trainer and nutrition expert Lindsey Day shows us how many ups she can bang out, and teaches us how we can do it too! The pull up is the gold standard of measuring strength! Improving pull ups improves everything from athletics to aesthetics. Not to mention, it gives you major bragging rights! Here’s how we’ll do it! One day each week […]

  • Sweating it out in the kitchen— and on the mat! Your way to great summer abs 

    You’ve heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen!” Right? But there’s one more place they’re made. Personal trainer and nutrition expert Lindsey Day is here to help us look our best this summer! Abs are mostly made in the kitchen! Partly made on the mat! This will only take 15 minutes per week! Let’s start with 30 to 60 seconds of flutter kicks! Place your hands where your lower back meets your glutes to support your back. Keep your […]

  • How to get a slim stomach for summer without doing a single crunch

    It’s Fitness Friday time! Good thing, because we can’t wait until summer time to get ready! We have to start now! By popular demand, we have a three-part series called “Summer Stomach Slim Down”.  Lindsey Day is here to bust a few fitness myths! Do squats – NOT sit ups for a slim stomach! My clients often say- ‘Hey Lindsey I’m going to the pool this weekend – I need my abs looking right- can we do sit ups all […]

  • How to get a flat tummy, higher metabolism with chest workouts for women

    You don’t usually see many females lining up at the bench press! Personal trainer and nutrition expert Lindsey Day is here to break down why that needs to change. We’re talking about why chicks should work their chest muscles! Ladies, listen up! Here’s why chicks should work chest! Reason #1: Chest is one of your largest muscle groups. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism, the easier it is to get lean and drop belly fat! YES! I’m telling you […]

  • Amazing Athletes program helping little tikes burn energy while building motor skills

    LINDSEY: I’m with Brenda Power at Amazing Athletes. I got a chance to jump in with the kids and have a little fun! Talk to us about how important it is to have our kids be active at such a young age. BRENDA: At age 5 there’s a lot of brain development that goes on at that time – there’s a lot of studies that do show that kids who are physically active – it also makes them benefit brain […]

  • How to lose weight without cutting calories, increasing workout time

    Can you believe spring, tank tops and flip flops are around the corner?! Personal trainer and nutrition expert Lindsey Day shows us workouts she’s using to help her clients slim down for spring! LINDSEY: March is here and it’s just about time to dig the shorts out of the closet! If the thought of that scares you, I’ve got the person to inspire you! ERIKA: I looked in the mirror decided I needed to make a change. You know, I’ve had […]

  • It’s a rodeo cowgirl workout!

    All that food at the rodeo can taste oh so delicious! But all that food is NOT oh so nutritious! But have no worries! Here’s your plan to help you avoid weight gain this rodeo season! Rodeo season wouldn’t be complete without our Cowgirl workout! Do this fun exercise as a group before hitting up rodeo. Then you won’t feel so guilty about splurging a bit on those funnel cakes! For our first exercise, mount the bull! Pick your knees up high and […]

  • Fit for the job? We workout with a Memorial Hermann Life Flight paramedic 

    LINDSEY: Hey everyone! A lot of people watching have jobs that require them to stay physically fit – whether you’re a police officer, a fire fighter, or a Memorial Hermann Life Flight paramedic like Josh Cools is! JOSH: Physical fitness is important for us at Memorial Hermann Life Flight because not only does it keep us in shape but also we have a pretty stressful job with our patients. Working together as co-workers, family and friends it helps us maintain […]

  • Should women lift weights? Yes, here’s why 

    As women, it can be intimidating to pump iron at the gym. However, from shrinking inches off the waistline, to improving brain and bone health – the benefits of weightlifting outweigh those of cardio. Certified personal trainers Lindsey Day and Tamara Gonzalez are here to show the ladies how it’s done! Walk into any gym and you’ll see the women all over the cardio machines. The men will be grunting their way through a grueling weightlifting session. Ladies- let’s put an end to this […]

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