Lindsey Day didn’t always live a healthy lifestyle.

Like most of us, she was unathletic, had an unfit diet packed with junk food and the gym was uncharted territory. In fact, she could barely run a half-mile without her asthma kicking in.

While in college, she decided to get her act together and started participating in fitness competitions and winning awards for her sculpted physique! But the accolades came at a cost— hypothyroidism, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and a slew of other issues as she took a dangerous and unhealthy approach to fitness.

Lindsey started looking for answers and began working with a holistic doctor who taught her how to heal through nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.

A professional fitness coach and nutritionist, Lindsey is now an advocate for healthy dieting and exercise.

Join Lindsey and many others on their fitness journey weekly during Fitness Fridays on Morning Dose!

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