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  • Slim down for spring! 3 agility workouts to get your body poolside ready

    Attention those looking to slim down for spring!  Do you catch yourself thinking you need fancy workout equipment to do an effective workout?  Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert Lindsey Day shows us the many ways to improve our agility with just a stability ball. The first 3 exercises work the core and upper body. 1- Pike Ups: 20 reps  Start in a push-up position with the ball underneath your ankles. Pike up and form your body into a V-shape. Keep […]

  • Spring into your fitness goals with these weightless workouts

    Spring has sprung! Are you ready to rock the warmer weather wardrobe? Fitness and nutrition expert Lindsey Day has you covered with this quick at home workout! No weights? No time? No problem! Here’s a workout you can do at home in 20 minutes! It burns more calories and shrinks more off the waist than an hour of cardio! 1- First, we’re going with 1 minute of plank walk overs. Start in a plank position and walk your hands over […]

  • Fitness Friday: Amazing Athletes

    LINDSEY: I’m with Brenda Power at Amazing Athletes. I got a chance to jump in with the kids and have a little fun! Talk to us about how important it is to have our kids be active at such a young age. BRENDA: At age 5 there’s a lot of brain development that goes on at that time – there’s a lot of studies that do show that kids who are physically active – it also makes them benefit brain […]

  • Local man cuts body weight in half with Zumba after doctors say he wouldn’t survive past age 30

    It’s Fitness Friday time! Here’s some inspiration for anyone looking to make a big life change! This Houstonian Zumba dancer lost over 200 pounds of fat and kept it off! Fitness and nutrition expert, Lindsey Day, dances us through Jay P’s story. LINDSEY: I cannot think of a better person to inspire you than Juan! He’s a fitness enthusiast but it has not always been this way. JUAN: 5 years ago I weighed 412 pounds. I didn’t have any goals. I wasn’t inspired by […]

  • Fitness Friday: Slim down for spring!

    Can you believe spring, tank tops and flip flops are around the corner?! Personal trainer and nutrition expert Lindsey Day shows us workouts she’s using to help her clients slim down for spring! LINDSEY: March is here and it’s just about time to dig the shorts out of the closet! If the thought of that scares you, I’ve got the person to inspire you! ERIKA: I looked in the mirror decided I needed to make a change. You know, I’ve had […]

  • Fitness Friday: Post-turkey blast workout

    It’s the day following Thanksgiving, so many of are searching for a quick and a effective way to burn off those holiday calories!

  • Fitness Friday: Tips as marathon training time ticks

    It’s time for your Fitness Friday tip of the day with Lindsey Day! Thousands of Houstonians are gearing up for the largest single day sporting event in the city! If that’s you, here are tips to keep you on track despite the cold weather and holiday distractions. Q & A with Houston Strength Bootcamp member Michael Selio Lindsey: I’m at Houston Strength Bootcamp. We have a dedicated group who braved the cold to come work together to reach their goals! Michael Selio has a lofty goal!” […]

  • Fitness Friday: Gettin’ fine and fit in 2019

    Whether you’re trying to burn fat or build muscle you need to lift weights! Keep your workout plan simple and enjoyable so you don’t burnout in February. Try incorporating at least 2 weightlifting workouts in per week. The rest can be cardio based, take a spin class, a yoga class, or more weightlifting. Do at least one lower body workout and at least one upper body workout each week. Here are some upper body workout examples.  1) A bicep curl into shoulder […]

  • Fitness Friday: This woman dropped 60 pounds for her New Year’s Resolution— you can, too!

    It’s Fitness Friday time with Lindsey Day! She caught up with one Houstonian who smashed her 2018 New Year Resolution— dropping 60 pounds! Ariana shares her secrets on how she did it to inspire anyone and everyone with a health goal in 2019. Fitness is a journey, not a destination! Ariana is always learning how to take it to the next level. Friday’s Workout Breakdown 15 reps dumbbell squats 15 reps (each leg) lunges 15 reps leg press 15 reps (each leg) […]

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