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  • Fitness Friday: Fit for the job? We workout with a Memorial Hermann Life Flight paramedic 

    LINDSEY: Hey everyone! A lot of people watching have jobs that require them to stay physically fit – whether you’re a police officer, a fire fighter, or a Memorial Hermann Life Flight paramedic like Josh Cools is! JOSH: Physical fitness is important for us at Memorial Hermann Life Flight because not only does it keep us in shape but also we have a pretty stressful job with our patients. Working together as co-workers, family and friends it helps us maintain […]

  • Fitness Friday: Why women should weight lift

    As women, it can be intimidating to pump iron at the gym. However, from shrinking inches off the waistline, to improving brain and bone health – the benefits of weightlifting outweigh those of cardio. Certified personal trainers Lindsey Day and Tamara Gonzalez are here to show the ladies how it’s done! Walk into any gym and you’ll see the women all over the cardio machines. The men will be grunting their way through a grueling weightlifting session. Ladies- let’s put an end to this […]

  • Meals to maximize marathon results

    LINDSEY: Hey everyone! I have a super speedy marathon runner here with me, Derick. He was actually one of my first clients. We go way back! DERICK: Yep I’ve been staying on top of my training and I’m running the half marathon this Sunday! LINDSEY: Let’s show everyone how to fuel for the race. What’s for dinner the night before? DERICK: Dinner will be two sweet potatoes, half of an avocado and 5 oz of chicken. LINDSEY: Perfect! Our bodies burn both […]

  • Fitness Friday: Gettin’ fine and fit in 2019

    Whether you’re trying to burn fat or build muscle you need to lift weights! Keep your workout plan simple and enjoyable so you don’t burnout in February. Try incorporating at least 2 weightlifting workouts in per week. The rest can be cardio based, take a spin class, a yoga class, or more weightlifting. Do at least one lower body workout and at least one upper body workout each week. Here are some upper body workout examples.  1) A bicep curl into shoulder […]

  • Fitness Friday: This woman dropped 60 pounds for her New Year’s Resolution— you can, too!

    It’s Fitness Friday time with Lindsey Day! She caught up with one Houstonian who smashed her 2018 New Year Resolution— dropping 60 pounds! Ariana shares her secrets on how she did it to inspire anyone and everyone with a health goal in 2019. Fitness is a journey, not a destination! Ariana is always learning how to take it to the next level. Friday’s Workout Breakdown 15 reps dumbbell squats 15 reps (each leg) lunges 15 reps leg press 15 reps (each leg) […]

  • Fitness Friday: Get your Zumba on with ‘FitMix Communities’

    HOUSTON — In this week’s Fitness Friday, Lindsey Day got her Zumba on with “FitMix Communities!” This group represents so much more than Zumba. FitMix Communities is a non-profit with a mission to bring fitness into under-served areas. Many members say this community gave them their life back! Lindsey: “It’s Fitness Friday with FitMix Communities! I have YuriAmor, Fitmix Communities CEO, here with me! Yuri, what you’re doing is truly amazing! Can you tell me how this got started?” YuriAmor: “It started […]

  • Fitness Friday: Fit for 60!

    HOUSTON — It’s time for your Fitness Friday tip of the day with Lindsey Day! Holidays can make it tough to stay on track with our health and fitness goals. One Houstonian isn’t letting that stop her from reaching her goals before her milestone birthday! LINDSEY: I’m at Breathe Moore Training Studio with Mary Prince. She’s working hard toward her fitness goals this holiday season before her milestone birthday. You aren’t going to believe how old Mary is turning! MARY: I’ll be 60 in July and want to go into my […]

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