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  • Family, friends celebrate Sandra Bland three years later 

    WALLER COUNTY, Texas — Family and friends gathered on Sandra Bland Parkway near Prairie View University to honor the life and memory of their lost loved one. Sandra Bland, 28, was found hanging in a Waller County jail cell following a traffic stop involving a state trooper. Bland’s death sparked outrage and numerous protest across the nation. Her sister, Shante Needham, says Bland was not the person she has been portrayed to be. “Sandy wanted to make a difference,” Needham […]

  • New study says summer heat could slow down your brain

    HOUSTON — When it comes to making the right decisions in your life, it may be wise to think twice during the months of the summer. Could scorching temps and constant heat waves be the reason you’re stuck in the hot seat? To keep it plain and simple….the heat can make you dumb!! According to new research from Harvard University, heat stress might be to blame for summertime screw ups. The research states extreme heat can reduce cognitive performance in […]

  • Here’s where you can drive, shoot actual military tanks and fly historic airplanes in Houston!

    HOUSTON — Ever set your sights on firing a military tank? switches into high gear with an army playground like no other— by rolling out 40 tons of fun! The company turns over the keys for you to drive and shoot real-life army tanks! Drive Tanks Co-founder and CEO Todd Degidio says he wants clients to experience history while learning under the gun about World War II and the artifacts gathered from around the world. “Being able to be […]

  • Houstonians protest proposed immigrant detention center ahead of court mandated deadline

    HOUSTON–The clock is ticking toward court-mandated deadlines in the much-discussed immigration debate. In downtown Houston, protesters gathered Thursday at the proposed detention center on Emancipation Avenue. The protesters chanted for change and equality for immigrant children separated from their families. Organizers fear the opening of a new detention center could mean long-term separation for families and imprisonment of helpless children who are here to seek a better life. On June 26, Federal Judge Dana Sabraw ordered a halt to President […]

  • Help Needed! Elderly Pearland resident and cat still living with no A/C, plumbing nearly a year after Hurricane Harvey 

    PEARLAND, Texas — Rosalea Nall has lived in Pearland for more than 50 years, but within a blink of Hurricane Harvey’s eye, the home she loved and cherished “washed away” during the storm. Nall, 83, and her companion cat, Ms. Lady, have been living in a gutted house without an air conditioner, without working plumbing and hazardous electrical outlets for the past 10 months. “I’m in a situation where I can’t help myself. I just can’t take over and restore […]

  • Residents react to Freedom Over Texas celebrations being cancelled

    HOUSTON — Thunderstorms and waterworks lit up the sky around downtown Houston just in time for the Fourth of July! Holiday flooding seems to be the common forecast for Houstonians lately. However, this time the downpour flooded Elenor Tinsley Park where the Annual Freedom over Texas Celebrations was scheduled to take place. The event was inevitably cancelled despite organizers’ best efforts. Check out the video above to see how residents reacted to flooding on the Fourth.

  • Fireworks safety for 4th of July

    HOUSTON — Ready to light up the sky with fireworks on the Fourth? A few Black Cats, sparklers and Thunder Bombs guarantee a fireworks fiesta! But before you spark that stem, there are a few things you should consider to ensure your Independence Day is free from a trip to the ER. Sue Davis of Top Dog Fireworks says when it comes to firework rules, everything is basic common sense! “Always supervise children. Don’t aim anything at a house or vegetation. […]

  • Study says flight attendants have higher risk of developing cancer

    HOUSTON — Flight attendants are going from cloud nine to ground zero!  Mid-flight turbulence is smooth sailing compared to another deadly risk flight attendants deal with after take off. The risk of flight attendants getting cancer is getting higher. According to the Environmental Health Journal, they have a higher risk of all types of cancer than the general public. Findings suggest flying at 30,000 feet can expose attendants to cosmic radiation. If that’s not enough to take your breath away, […]

  • Friends, colleagues remember League City restaurant owner Greg Boaz

    LEAGUE CITY, Texas — Friends and colleagues are remembering League City restaurant owner and community leader Greg Boaz. Shortly after learning about the tragic death of Boaz, employees at Palapa’s Bar in Kemah showed up for their scheduled shift to open for the public in honor of their boss. “We know that if Greg was here today, that this is what he would want. He would want the doors open, people in here having drinks, having cold beers, and celebrating […]