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  • Huffman residents raise $4,000 to help beloved ice cream man buy cool new truck

    HUFFMAN, Texas — The city of Huffman serves the ultimate scoop of kindness by delivering a cool treat to the neighborhood ice cream man. Neighbors had their dollars handy for Mr. Jim’s Ice Cream on Wheels last week. Thanks to Huffman Talks a community Facebook page, residents have raised more than $4,000 buy Mr. Jim a new ice cream truck with air conditioning. Check out the video above to see Mr. Jim back in action— melting hearts instead of ice cream!

  • Selfie users seek plastic surgery for perfect selfies, according to new study

    HOUSTON—In the age of smartphones with dual 4K cameras some selfie lovers are seeking a more permanent filter. You guessed it— plastic surgery! According to the Medical Journal Jama Facial Plastic Surgery, 55 percent of facial plastic surgeons reported an increase of patients wanting to go under the knife just to snap the perfect selfie. Plastic surgeon Dr. Camille Cash says some of the things patients point out in selfies are often imaginary. “It’s important for patients to realize that […]

  • National Islamic Convention begins in Houston with protesters and anti-protesters

    HOUSTON –  The 55th Annual Islamic Society of North America welcomed more than 30,000 Muslims from all over to Downtown Houston. The three day convention is the largest gathering of Muslims focusing on faith and positive change to inspire communities around the world. Protesters greeted attendees outside of the George R. Brown, citing Islamic views aren’t good for America. Counter protesters were on site to defend the Muslims and their right to hold a convention.

  • Hurricane Harvey movie to premiere this fall

    HOUSTON — Hurricane Harvey makes landfall on the big screen next month. Local filmmakers set a premiere date for the highly anticipated film “Harvey,” which is based on the catastrophic storm that ripped through the Houston area a year ago. Harvey tells the fictional story of four tenants trapped in an apartment building, who come together to survive rising flood waters. The producers cast real Hurricane Harvey survivors as extras to maintain authenticity of the film. “Although the movie will […]

  • Historic Spaghetti Warehouse revived with new Warehouse 72 concept restaurant

    HOUSTON — Holy macaroni! Warehouse 72 is whipping up a new recipe out of some of your favorite Italian dishes. The new restaurant recently hosted a Pasta Pop Up event at Evelyn’s Park in southwest Houston, breathing life back into the historic Spaghetti Warehouse that was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. Since closing the doors to the old restaurant in downtown Houston, Spaghetti Warehouse wanted to keep their promise to the community by reopening their kitchen and adding a modern twist. “It’s […]

  • Santa Fe is getting stronger with new Parents on Patrol Squad

    SANTA FE, Texas — Santa Fe is getting stronger! Parents are stepping up and taking action to protect students with a new safety squad program. The Parents on Patrol Squad also known as POPS is on call for the Santa Fe ISD Police Department. The volunteer program encourages parents to put boots on the ground by getting involved with school safety and security. Sonia Lopez has five daughters attending Santa Fe ISD including 16-year-old Sarah Salazar, who’s still recovering from […]

  • Houstonians react to Pope Francis’ Letter on abuse

    HOUSTON — Catholics are sounding off in Houston following a five page letter from Pope Francis. In the “Letter of Holiness,” the Pope condemns sexual abuse and demand accountability from members of the clergy. This comes in light of a Pennsylvania grand jury report on sex abuse in Catholic churches. Pope Francis signed, sealed and delivered a message to all Catholics across the world. He’s calling on the church to join in on acts of prayer and fasting to combat […]

  • High school student helps others impacted by Hurricane Harvey make sweet music

    KATY, Texas — A Katy high school senior is helping fellow band members across Texas march to a different tune. Seven Lakes High School student John Paulson, 16, is turning an eagle scout project into some sweet music for Texas high schoolers impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Through the project Tunes for Texans, Paulson is able to collect and donate slightly used instruments to band students who can’t replace instruments damaged by the storm. Refugio High School is located a few miles north of […]

  • 1 in 8 couples blame student loan debt for divorce

    HOUSTON — Leave it to student loans to ruin your credit score and your marriage! Student loan debt is chipping away at marital bliss— one monthly payment at a time. Outstanding debt is tending to send more couples to the courtroom instead of the classroom. According to Student Loan Hero, a website for managing education debt, one in eight married couples blame student loans for breaking up. Couples claim finances or the lack there of can be stressful in a […]

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