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  • 1 in 8 couples blame student loan debt for divorce

    HOUSTON — Leave it to student loans to ruin your credit score and your marriage! Student loan debt is chipping away at marital bliss— one monthly payment at a time. Outstanding debt is tending to send more couples to the courtroom instead of the classroom. According to Student Loan Hero, a website for managing education debt, one in eight married couples blame student loans for breaking up. Couples claim finances or the lack there of can be stressful in a […]

  • Local doctor develops new treatment for combating food allergies

    HOUSTON — Chris Ryan never imagined he would one day experience the taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The U.S. Marine Corp rejected the 18-year-old because of his peanut allergy, specially due to concerns regarding potential health risks from peanuts present in military meal kits. Shortly after that, Ryan decided to take matters into his own hands. “I came to see Dr. Tran because it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to join the military, and he said […]

  • Beyonce’s childhood home now for sale 

    HOUSTON — In the market for a new home in H-town? We’ll Newsfix is about to upgrade you to Beyonce’s first Bayou City house that’s up for sale near the Museum District. A superstar in its own right, the 3,000 square foot brick house stands tall surviving major floods in the city such as Hurricanes Ike and Harvey. Dare we say this property is Irreplaceable? If you want to run the world from Queen Bey’s original bee hive, it’ll cost […]

  • Superheroes save 7-year-old’s birthday in Pearland

    PEARLAND, Texas — Superheroes suit up for an epic-sized rescue in Pearland! Deadpool and Wonder Woman lead the team on a mission to save 7-year-old Max Faudoa’s birthday. Check out the video above to see how these superheroes saved the day.  

  • Local Lego artist creates masterpieces of James Harden, Jose Altuve

    HOUSTON — Lego artist Joseph Kraham of South Woodlands Art Gallery sets the stack high when it comes to playing with popular plastic blocks. The Houston artist is building blocks in a league of own. He’s painting individual Lego pieces to create unforgettable masterpieces. Kraham’s technique is one like no other. When hand painting the Legos, he’s able to create 400 colors that’s not included in store-bought Lego sets. Check out the video above to see how he was able […]

  • Stafford MSD calls special board meeting on school safety

    HOUSTON — The topic that seems to consume conversation lately at school districts everywhere: back-to-school safety. From metal detectors to arming teachers, it seems likes back to school prep isn’t what is use to be. Stafford Municipal School District President Christopher Caldwell said to receive a better education, students and staff need to feel safe. To ensure safety with new equipment and resources, additional safety comes with an additional price tag. Caldwell is calling for a special board meeting Thursday […]

  • Local cyclist pedals with purpose in Tour de France

    HOUSTON — Lawson Craddock pedaled with purpose in Paris while crossing the finish line in the Tour de France for his fellow cyclists in Houston. Despite having experienced multiple injuries, the 26-year-old cycling pro was determined to compete in the race and finished in last place. Regardless of his placing in the tour, Craddock carried the torch of Houston Strong engraved on his sneakers, placing him first in the hearts of our community. During the first stages of the tour, […]

  • Phone scams on the rise in Brazoria County

    HOUSTON — It seems phone scammers are working double time in Brazoria County! Thieves are dialing up trouble in the area, targeting residents using the oldest trick in the phone book. Lt. Varon Snelgrove with the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office said thieves are cold calling residents and posing as law enforcement officers. Scammers are cloning county phone numbers and using fake names to manipulate residents. These scammers often demand payment for outstanding tickets, warrants or fees in the form of […]

  • Local dog goes viral after doing ‘In My Feelings’ challenge

    HOUSTON — Leave it to social media to teach an old dog new tricks. The popular “In My Feelings” challenge, inspired by rap artist Drake, has the internet in a dancing frenzy, and it even has this little dog asking the question: Kiki do you love me? With a wag of her tail, 7-year-old Supra shows off her dance moves to the song by scooting alongside a driving car. The video immediately went viral with more than 700,000 views and counting. […]