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  • Man shot, killed in Purdue University classroom

    WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – It’s getting tough to keep the headlines straight. The latest location for a school shooting was Purdue University Tuesday; but this time, campus police say the shooter had a target. “This doesn’t appear to be what you would typically have as like an active shooter on a campus. This individual seemed to have had intentions for the decedent,” said Purdue University Police Chief John Cox. One man was shot and killed inside a classroom in the […]

  • Queen Elizabeth passing some duties off to Prince Charles

    LONDON, ENGLAND – Call it a reverse bucket list. Let’s face it, Queen Elizabeth won’t be around forever. She’s creepin’ up on 88 years old and has spent 62 of them on the throne. But instead of adding to her list of things to do, she’s handing ’em over (to Prince Charles, of course). The Queen of England has agreed to give the Prince of Wales some her Head-of-State duties in what’s being called a gentle succession. It makes sense. […]

  • Exonerated man files grievance against prosecutor

    HOUSTON, TX – Anthony Graves spent 18 years in prison, 12 of them on death row, for a crime he didn’t commit. The fight to clear his name has been long. And although he was exonerated, it’s still not over. Back in 1992, a man named Robert Carter killed six people, and he said Graves helped him do it. Carter was eventually put to death, and right before his execution, he admitted he acted alone. Then, another look at the […]

  • Ammo goes off at courthouse: Not that serious

    HOUSTON – Whoa! What happened at the courthouse? “Well I just see the ambulance roll up in front, and maybe about ten, 15 minutes later they rolled somebody out and put ’em in the back,” said Michael Harris, who was at the criminal courthouse downtown. Rumors went flying that a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy accidentally shot herself. “Gettin’ shot in the courthouse, that’s somethin’ serious,” said Harris. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious, and nobody shot anybody. Harris County Sheriff’s officials tell […]

  • Mayor who dances on dashcam pleads guilty to drunk driving

    WAXHAW, NC – A North Carolina mayor has danced her way to a drunk driving record. Dashcam shows Waxhaw Mayor Duane Gardner back in June during a field sobriety test. At the time, she apparently thought her little run-in with the law was funny, dancing and laughing in front of the cop. “And then what? I turn around? Try a little disco?” But she’s not laughing now after pleading guilty to the drunk driving charges. She blew a .18. But […]

  • HISD school board passes mascot policy change

    HOUSTON, TX – The battle of tradition versus political correctness has come to an end for several HISD schools. For months, the school board has considered prohibiting mascots considered potentially offensive or culturally insensitive. Thursday night, the school board voted to pass the policy change unanimously. The four schools and mascots affected are Lamar Redskins, Westbury Rebels, Hamilton Indians and Welch Warriors. From the beginning, folks have been divided, and pride runs deep on both sides. “They’re just nicknames. They’re […]

  • Ohio man executed with never-before-used drug cocktail

    LUCASVILLE, OH – The death penalty in itself is controversial. But it wasn’t a matter of life or death for convicted murderer Dennis McGuire. It was a matter of how he would die. McGuire was sentenced to death for the 1989 rape and fatal stabbing of Joy Stewart in western Ohio. She was eight months pregnant at the time. But in September, Ohio ran out of pentobarbital, the drug used in lethal injections. The next option was a two-drug cocktail, […]

  • Reginald Matthews fight for exoneration hits a stall

    HOUSTON, TX – Reginald Matthews spent 14 years behind bars for a crime he not only says he didn’t commit, he says there is proof. An initial DNA analysis couldn’t clear Matthews as a suspect for a burglary of a home with intent to commit sexual assault. It wasn’t until after he was sentenced to 40 years that results from a second DNA analysis were available. But the case was closed. Matthews was paroled in 2004, but he’s far from […]

  • Arian Foster’s Baby Mama Drama: Pair expected to settle

    HOUSTON, TX – Arian Foster and his alleged mistress, Brittany Norwood, are officially no longer seeing each other. That’s partly because a judge told them they couldn’t. The two were scheduled to have their first hearing on allegations that the very married running back pressured Norwood to abort their alleged love child. But according to Blondie’s attorney, the lawsuit is going to be handled in true celebrity fashion; through a potential settlement. So, all court appearances have been postponed, which […]

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