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  • Houston Equal Rights Ordinance Supporters Gear Up for Early Voting

    HOUSTON, Tx – Early voting is only two days away, and with that deadline quickly approaching, supporters of Proposition 1, Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, or HERO for short, gathered Saturday to get their word out to voters. “We have been campaigning over the last couple of months and we are now at the point where Monday is early voting,” said campaign volunteer Melissa Vivanco Proposition 1 proponents are hoping  early voting means a preliminary push for HERO, and ordinance they […]

  • Bayou City Art Festival Downtown Draws Hundreds of Artists

    HOUSTON, Tx – The Bayou City Art Festival Downtown wrapped up Sunday, with thousands more people wandering through booths and displays in Downtown Houston. About 300 artists lined the streets around city hall, bringing their best work from all over the country. Festival-goers could find pieces from multiple different media, from paintings, to 3D, to sculpture. The variety and popularity of Bayou City Art Festival is a draw for so many artists, and what makes the event one of the […]

  • Protesters Gather at Sheriff’s Office to Speak On Immigration

    HOUSTON, Tx – Multiple immigrant advocacy groups gathered outside the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Saturday to protest raids and deportation in the Harris County. The groups are frustrated with how immigrants are being treated, specifically after several undocumented immigrants were detained at La Espiga de Oro, a Heights tortilla factory, back in August. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said they were at the factory to investigate labor concerns, and that the detainees were merely witnesses, but the groups protesting Saturday believe […]

  • Fall Arts events around Houston

    HOUSTON, Tx – Houston’s skyline isn’t the only thing that keeps jutting up towards the stars, with a world class theater and museum district- the Bayou City is quickly gaining notoriety as an art and culture mecca.  So if you don’t know where to start this fall, we’ve got a few suggestions- and they’re all in this week’s inside story, from the pages of Houstonia. Now there’s a whole lot of theater shows this fall, but some fly higher than […]

  • Volkswagon emissions scandal grows

    Many people associate Volkswagons with “The Summer of Love” and “Flower Power,” but for tree huggers around the world that’s about to change. “We totally screwed up.” That’s what the President and CEO of Volkswagen USA told an audience in Brooklyn – as the scandal over the company’s attempt to manipulate emissions tests continues to grow. The troubles could affect as many as 11-million cars. The auto maker has set aside more than $7 billion dollars to handle the problems […]

  • ‘Slow Commotion’ makes many Houstonians wait by the rails

    HOUSTON – No one writes folk songs around this part of train lore… The waiting for a long one to pass part, the “I’m late for work” part. For many Houstonians, this is the part they’re most familiar with. With over 1200 rail road crossings in the Bayou City, chances are you’ve been stuck on the wrong side of the tracks. There are a few reasons why waiting on trains is such a phenomenon in Houston. Most of the rail lines […]

  • Restaurant brings theater and feel of the prohibition era back to life

    If you want to party like it’s 1926, Prohibition Supper Club has a show for you. “Magnolia City,” is an immersive murder mystery that you, the patron help to solve. Set in 1920’s Houston, and featuring prominent Houstonians of the era, Magnolia City is about as close as you’ll get to genuine speak easy experience.

  • Video game violence leads to aggressive behavior

    HOUSTON – Violence has always been a mainstay of American pop culture. In the 1980s, video games ushered in a new era of onscreen mayhem, allowing the player to control the chaos. There was little concern at the time since most were fairly kid safe. Now, 30 years into the gaming revolution, that’s all changed. Gaming has become the number one earner in the entertainment world, raking in three times as much money as movies and music. Typically, the bloodier […]

  • Texas to crack down on synthetic marijuana

    AUSTIN, TX – We’ve all heard of “Reefer Madness,” but it turns out, the experts were a little off the mark with regard to the effects of marijuana. But when it comes to synthetic pot or “Spice,” the effects associated with it are changing by the minute. That’s in part because the product itself is changing. J Thomas Smith Ph.D., a substance abuse counselor, says, “Well you can’t tell what’s in it. So they keep changing the ingredients They’ll sell it as potpourri. Ok, they’ll have […]

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