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  • Federal, local authorities still investigating arson fire at Northshore Mosque in Cloverleaf

    HOUSTON — Members of the Northshore Mosque in Cloverleaf are still reeling from an apparent attempt to set the mosque on fire early Thursday by setting its doors ablaze! “We thank the Lord Almighty that He protected this place, He protected the people who were coming for worship,” ISGH President M.J. Khan announced. Investigators from the FBI and ATF are investigating further to see if hate crime charges may be filed against the perpetrators. “The residents of Harris County are […]

  • Woman violently beats 85-year-old mother to death because she was left out of her will, police say

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Florida neighborhood is still rattled over the brutal murder of an 85-year-old woman beaten to death by her daughter. “Shocking. It was really shocking,” a neighbor said. Investigators said Gabriela Perero, 52, was arrested last week and charged with premeditated murder.  But why would a daughter beat her elderly mother to death? Police said Perero did it because she discovered he mom left her out of her will, and she practically confessed as much during […]

  • Kentucky pastor revokes memberships of church goers not attending services regularly

    CAVE CITY, Ky. — A Kentucky pastor has a congregation up in arms after he decided to revoke the memberships of church goers who haven’t attended services lately. “That’s wrong,” Cave City Baptist Church member Samantha Esters said. “It’s called holding people accountable,” Cave City Baptist Senior Pastor Ryan Broers said. “I don’t ever want to go back to that church,” Esters vowed. The now former-members have been sent letters announcing the news. “A lot of the people that the letters […]

  • Minnesota daycare worker given probation after admitting to hanging toddler with noose

    MINNEAPOLIS — An unthinkable crime goes unpunished in Minnesota! A Russian daycare worker Nataliia Karia confessed to hanging a 16-month-old boy with a noose back in November 2016 because she “couldn’t take it anymore.” Miraculously, the little boy was saved by another parent. “Unfortunately, you will have to live with those injuries that I caused you,” Karia announced in a statement to the toddler in court. Karia also injured a pedestrian and bicyclist she struck with her van while leaving […]

  • Downtown Houston features 2 exciting new must-see art projects: ‘Open House’ and Mexican-American mural

    HOUSTON – We know our city of Houston by many names…..the Bayou City, Space City, Clutch City, the Magnolia City, ‘The Energy Capital of the World’ and of course….H-Town.  But now there’s a place where the many faces and places of Houston’s past and present come together in a brilliant splash of artistry! It’s happening at the Art Blocks project called ‘Open House’ in Sam Houston Park, which has been crafted from a small house originally built in Santa Fe, […]

  • President Trump clarifies his words over Russian election meddling amid barrage of Helsinki fallout

    WASHINGTON – President Trump returned to Washington amid a burning firestorm of scathing criticism coming from all sides of the political fence! Texas Congressman and Intelligence Committee member Will Hurd said, “I’ve seen the Russian intelligence and, you know, manipulate many people in my career, and I never would have thought the U.S. president would be one of them.” Former CIA Director John Brennan called President Trump’s news conference with Putin “nothing short of treasonous.” So, it’s no wonder the […]

  • Texas man convicted of hate crime by federal jury after burning Islamic mosque in Victoria

    VICTORIA, Texas — Marq Vincent Perez, the man accused of setting the Victoria Islamic Center on fire last year, was found guilty of hate crime and two other offenses Tuesday in a federal courtroom. Prosecutors said Perez, 26, was fuel by his hate for Muslims when he set the mosque ablaze in January 2017. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he now faces up to 20 years in federal prison for the hate crime conviction and up to 10 years […]

  • Trump angers Democrats and some Republicans after Helsinki Summit with Putin

    HELSINKI, Finland – The eyes of the world were on Helsinki Monday morning as President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin completed their first-ever summit together. Instead of hitting a ‘reset button,’ the two leaders seemed to just have a ball— soccer ball, that is! “Mr. President, I’ll give this ball to you, and now the ball is in your court,” Putin told Trump. The two men said they discussed a variety of issues like nukes, terrorism, Iran and […]

  • Chicago police release bodycam footage of controversial police-involved fatal shooting

    CHICAGO – Chicago police have released graphic bodycam footage of a police-involved fatal shooting of a man they say was reaching for a weapon, but now his death is sparking angry and violent protests in the Windy City. “Sixteen shots and a cover-up!” a protester shouted on the street. “I made the decision to release the body worn camera footage in this case because the community needs some answers, and they need them now,” Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson […]