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  • NewsFix in Space: UFOs spotted over Trump golf club in Scotland, NASA to launch space lasers, and space champagne?

    AYSHIRE, Scotland — And now, it’s time once again for NewsFix in Space! Today’s adventure takes us high above the skies of Scotland over President Trump’s exclusive Turnberry Golf Club, where something strange has been spotted! A golf fan claims this snapshot shows four flying UFOs visiting the president’s club! No comment so far from the president about these strange visitors. But whatever is in those flying saucers, hopefully, they don’t want to pulverize the planet with lasers! Speaking of […]

  • Critter News: Boa constrictor found in apartment, wild bear walks into hotel, and lost dog found in the Rocky Mountains?

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Calling all couch potatoes! You’ll never guess what a Milwaukee woman found slithering under her footstool— a 7-foot-long boa constrictor! Yeah, not exactly what you have in mind when looking for some sofa snacks! “We got a phone call from a very distraught woman,” wildlife control worker Paul Winkelmann shared. No idea how the snake got in the woman’s apartment, but it may have crawled in a laundry vent. Wildlife control gave this guy the big squeeze to […]

  • Is the fastest man on Earth the fastest man in space, too?

    FRANCE — The fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt, has shown time and time again he’s quite a fast finisher— like in a flash! But how would the Jamaican Olympic Gold Medalist fare in a race in space? Turns out, Mr. Bolt can really bolt in zero gravity, too! After racing a couple of astronauts in an Airbus Zero-G plane above France, the Olympian emerged victorious up there as well. Well, the space race was a bit of a publicity […]

  • For just under $18 million– you can live in this luxurious mansion in River Oaks!

    HOUSTON – And now it’s time for the Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer! In today’s episode, we’re taking you on a dream stroll through Houston’s River Oaks where residents have one thing in common: being filthy rich! Well, who wouldn’t love to reside on Lazy Lane Boulevard? And now, with $3.5 Million down, you can! This is the famed Mithoff mansion estate, where a massive 16-foot granite fountain greets guests at the door. The grounds here have even greeted […]

  • 10th year anniversary of Hurricane Ike remembered

    GALVESTON – Time flies, even for historic hurricanes– and Thursday marked the 10th year anniversary of Hurricane Ike striking Galveston Island. When that historic storm first hit Galveston and the Texas coast 10 years ago, it was one of those iconic moments where everyone can remember where they were when the deadly category two hurricane struck the island. Ike savagely destroyed some of Galveston’s most iconic structures like the legendary Balinese Room, a haunt made famous by the likes of […]

  • Santa Fe High School students sent threatening text message, ISD says

    SANTA FE, Texas— A new set of fears to deal with at Santa Fe High School after administrators shared a text message Wednesday afternoon containing threats against a group of certain students at Santa Fe High. School officials issued a statement saying “appropriate disciplinary action was taken based on the student code of conduct. no further action was warranted as charges were declined by the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.” The school district says they are unable to share any further […]

  • Political Cheat Sheet: Kavanaugh’s confirmation, social media giants grilled in latest hearing, Marco Rubio vs. Alex Jones

    Kavanaugh’s confirmation circus continues Under the big top, on Capitol Hill, the second day of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings got underway with more protest interruptions at every turn. Kavanaugh tried to hold his ground under intense grilling from Democrats. “Can a sitting president be required to respond to a subpoena?” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., asked. “I can’t give you an answer on that hypothetical question,” Kavanaugh responded. “Each of the eight justices who are currently sitting on the Supreme […]

  • Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation hearing was an ‘overblown, politicized circus,’ Senator says

    WASHINGTON — The first day of SCOTUS confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh quickly digressed into Kavanaugh chaos! Protester after protester disrupted Tuesday’s hearing. “You’re out of order,” Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, the senator from Iowa, repeatedly declared. Yet, overall it came down to a face off between Republicans who wanted to push on with the proceedings and Democrats who wanted to delay the entire event. “So many of our colleagues across the aisle have announced their […]

  • Deputies: Man opens fire outside Ice Cube concert after learning event was sold out

    DEL MAR, Cali. – It was a shocking scene just before an Ice Cube concert in sunny So Cal when San Diego Sheriff’s deputies opened fire on a suspect who allegedly shot into a crowd at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. “Get back! Get back! Get back!” a deputy yelled after the suspect was hit and fell to the ground. Authorities said just as a horse race got underway at the Del Mar Racetrack, a suspect began shooting. “Okay, there’s gunfire […]

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