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  • Bird makes surprise appearance through plane’s windshield

    FORT MYERS, FL – If you love flying and hate birds, you’re going to love this story. A camera caught a bird through a pilot’s plane’s windshield! Now, if you’re wondering, the pilot is OK. He was able to land the plane safely, all while keeping his cool during the whole ordeal. Oh! And, he walked away with only a minor cut on his forehead. Not too shabby. The bird wasn’t so lucky. As for the pilot’s plane, it’s going […]

  • Bag of marijuana donated to PA Salvation Army

    SUGARCREEK, PA – Some donors in Sugarcreek, Pennsylvania are giving a whole new meaning to dope finds. Workers at a Salvation Army said they found weed in a bag of donated clothes. And, it turns out it wasn’t a small bag o’ green either. Police there say the large plastic bag contained a “substantial quantity” of pot — one that someone’s probably missing a heck of a lot by now. Cops say they’re working with store employees to figure out […]

  • And the award for ‘Most Influential Candy Bar of All Time’ goes to…

    HOUSTON, TX – We want you to think long and hard about chocolate. OK, out of all the candy bars you got floating around in your head, which one do you think should be the most influential candy bar of all time? Well, if you guessed the one with the famous ‘Gimme a Break’ jingle, you’re right! “It’s a good candy, but it’s not one of my favorites. I’m more of a pure chocolate kind of guy,” said one man. […]

  • Viking calendar says the world will end on Saturday

    YORK, ENGLAND – So, what do you have planned on Saturday, February 22? Well, hate to burst your bubble, but according to a Viking myth, you’re going to die. Nordic folklore predicts the Earth will split open and release inhabitants of the underworld this weekend. It also says Earth will fall into the sea and everyone will cease to exist. Sounds pretty dramatic, right? The Vikings are confident all this is going to happen because there have been three freezing […]

  • Kentucky pig abuse video released as Idaho ponders ‘ag-gag’ bill

    OWENSBORO, KY – This story may be a downer if you love your animals. Not to go into too much detail, but a farm in Kentucky is in deep slop. The Humane Society of the United States just released a disturbing video on how the farm was dealing with a nasty virus. Let’s just say their treatment involved piglet ‘smoothies.’ You can check it out the video below if you’re really interested. But, apparently some legislators in Idaho aren’t interested […]

  • Pussy Riot members beaten, whipped in Sochi

    SOCHI, RUSSIA – It’s a new day and, with that, ‘Pussys’ are once again in trouble. New video shows some Pussy Riot band members getting whipped by security officials. All this happened just outside Olympic Park in Sochi. The band members were trying to perform one of their new songs called ‘Putin teaches us to love our Motherland.’ You know, the same one Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova tried to sing earlier this week to protest the lack of freedom […]

  • Houston family continues search for missing teen

    HOUSTON, TX – Searchers in southeast Houston are looking for a missing teen. The family of 17-year-old Antonio Saldivar says he disappeared on Valentine’s Day. Connie Netro says her son, Antonio, borrowed her car to deliver a gift to his girlfriend, but he never came home. “I started calling and calling and no answer. And, that’s when it hit me, something’s wrong. It’s not like him,” said Connie. Police found the car Antonio was in later that night. He wasn’t […]

  • Juror in ‘loud music’ trial speaks out

    JACKSONVILLE, FL – It’s a question lots of folks are asking. Now, a juror from Florida’s ‘loud music’ trial is breaking it down for us — what happened behind closed doors? “We took a poll. There were two of us undecided. Two for “was justified” and the rest were “not justified.”… We all believed that there was another way out. Another option,” said Juror #4, Valerie. The jury in the trial over loud music was unable to reach on verdict […]

  • This SubCulture can walk your problems away

    Need to get away? Relieve some stress? Well, there’s some Houstonians out there doing both at the same time! It’s called walking meditation, and it’s a SubCulture you may have seen; but rarely hear about.

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