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  • Are Houston bus stops danger zones for pedestrians?

    HOUSTON – Walking Houston streets is no walk in the park— and we don’t mean the need to avoid crime-ridden neighborhoods! City bus stops are dangers hidden in plain sight, and local buses could be dropping passengers off into a danger zone. Preliminary data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association estimated 5,984 pedestrian fatalities in the United States for 2017. Thirty-three percent happened on local municipal streets. In 2016, Harris County ranked third in the nation with 128 pedestrians killed. […]

  • Suspect crashes into three cars during police chase in north Houston

    HOUSTON — What do you get when cross a cop, a frantic suspect behind the wheel, and innocent drivers? A triple-doozy chase-turned-crash. The end result? Lots of damage to cars— and probably a bruised ego for the suspect. It all went down around 11 p.m. in north Houston Sunday when Houston police tried to pull over a driver for a traffic violation on Little York Road near West Hardy. But instead of slowing down to pulling over, the driver sped […]

  • Former employees suing Shipley Do-Nuts over alleged sexual harassment, racial discrimination

    HOUSTON – Things aren’t looking too sweet for Shipley Do-Nuts. The Houston-based pastry chain is at the center of a civil rights lawsuit. Harris County court documents show at least three women, all former employees, claim sexual harassment and racial and gender discrimination against the company’s co-owner, Lawrence Shipley III. The women are accusing Shipley of inappropriately touching their rear ends while hugging them and staring at their body parts. All this is alleged to have gone down before they […]

  • Kim Jon Un meets with South Korean intelligence chiefs, USS Carl Vinson arrives in Vietnam

    NORTH KOREA – Just one week after the Winter Olympics, in Pyongyang, North and South Korea are making steps forward to diplomacy. High-level South Korean delegates went to North Korea and met with Kim Jong Un, Monday and one hot topic they’re hoping to diffuse is nuclear weapons. President Trump says if the U.S. and North Korea will work together they have to get rid of their nuclear weapons program. This is the first time since 2011 Jong Un has […]

  • Gov. Abbott awards first responders at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

    HOUSTON – It wasn’t just any old Monday at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It was First Responders Appreciation Day. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and their families all got in free on Monday. “This is the third time we’ve celebrated this day at the show but its never taken on the meaning that it does this year after Hurricane Harvey,” said Joel Crowley, president & CEO of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “It is […]

  • Valentine’s Day spending expected to reach $19.6 billion

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – When it comes to Valentine’s Day, lovers not only open their hearts to each other, but also their wallets — like big time, with a ‘B’ —  as in billions. The National Retail Federation says this year, V-Day spending is expected to reach $19.6 billion. That includes “puppy love” for your four-legged friends. However, what says “I love you” more than jewelry? it shines at the top of the list at nearly five billion bucks ($4.7 billion […]

  • New Hampshire professor argues student Australia is not a country, gives zero on assignment

    MANCHESTER, NH – Geography, pop quiz.  Is Australia a country or a continent? For Southern New Hampshire University student, Ashley Arnold, it meant the difference between passing and failing an assignment. The project compared social media use in a foreign country to the United States, and she chose Australia. When she got her assignment back, she says she was graded a zero. The unnamed professor claimed that Australia was not a country, but a continent. If you’re confused, it’s actually both. […]

  • Package thieves get unknowingly steal box with 500 live cockroaches inside

    MARINA, Calif— Mail thieves in one California town, hoping to get lucky with tax return info, ended up with a creepy surprise. “This particular time I ordered cockroaches,” said the victim, Rosalinda Vizina. The crooks swiped a package with some 500 live cockroaches inside. Vizina is an entomologist who is doing a study on the critters, but she won’t be doing it with that batch. “One of these boxes had been left open. It looked like it was pried open. […]

  • Texas chop shop raid leads to arrests of Ayran Brotherhood gang members, police say

    SAN JACINTO COUNTY, Texas- Early Friday morning, police from several agencies raided a junk yard on Our Road in Shepherd, Texas, just off Highway 59, north of Cleveland. “We’ve recovered approximately nine stolen vehicles in various stages of being cut up and disposed of,” said Lt. John Sanchez with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Montgomery county task force says at least five people are in custody facing felony charges. Lt. Sanchez added, “Our belief is that they are members of the […]