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  • More than a bad hair day for an AZ truckjacker and a MD drug suspect

    PHOENIX, AZ –  We’ve all had them, those bad hair days when nothing seems to go right. But now, there are a couple of guys who will be talking about their bad days to their new pen pal. You know, pen as is prison. In Phoenix, a guy hijacked a pickup truck, then decided he liked the motorcycle in front of him better. We have no idea why he wanted the motorcycle, but the biker dude wasn’t giving up his […]

  • Train hits propane truck, causing evacuation of town for nearly 24 hours

    CALLAWAY, MN – What happens when a freight train meets a propane truck? The answer is you get to see hundreds of people skedaddle. That’s what happened in Callaway, MN (pop. 234), when a Canadian Pacific Railways train hit a truck hauling 10,000 gallons of propane as it tried to cross the tracks. All the residents had to leave as fire fighters from 15 departments spent several hours trying to keep things under control. Canadian Pacific said 11 empty cars […]

  • Critter News: giant python in a restaurant, escaped ‘roo in IA, and a goldfish with a grille

    Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, NewsFix reporters bring you the latest in critter news. There’s a Los Angeles sushi bar where a customer recently paid his $200 bill before showing other customers a little snake. The guy left when the managers told him to beat it, but he came back and dropped a 13-foot long python in the middle of the restaurant. Cops busted the customer on suspicion of making criminal threats. Kangaroos may look […]

  • Trump, Cruz enter round two of their Twitter wife fight

    NEW YORK, NY –  Wives have always been the subject of a few laughs on the comedy circuit. “Take my wife, please,” was Henny Youngman’s signature line. But now wives have become the jokes on the campaign circuit with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz using them as political punch lines. The current campaign kerfuffle started with the GQ ad showing a naked Melania Trump covered only in jewels and furs. Trump struck back with a tweet, warning Cruz to be […]

  • Stupor trooper: IA state trooper caught on camera drunk and uncooperative

    WILLIAMSBURG, IA –  Here at NewsFix, our reporters are no strangers to drinking and working, but not drinking “while” working. Yes, some would rather drink than work. But that’s another story. This story, though, is about an intoxicated Iowa state trooper. A stupor trooper. It all began one night in Williamsburg, IA, when a woman called 911 about a strange man at her door. A local officer went to take a look and found someone he didn’t expect to see. […]

  • Pittsburgh teen sets himself on fire playing with gasoline

    PITTSBURGH, PA –  There is a reason you don’t play with fire: Someone’s gonna get burned, and it’s probably you. Video from a neighborhood security camera in Pittsburgh showed13-year-old Jeremy McCombs on flames as he ran down the street. Police say McCombs and his 7-year-old brother were playing with a can of gasoline. But neighbors say a third kid with the brothers claim they were trying to make a Molotov cocktail. That’s a weapon invented in world war two, basically […]

  • Belgium authorities say two brothers among bombers who hit Brussels airport and subway

    BRUSSELS, BELGIUM –  European Commission representatives held a moment of silence for the victims of the Brussels terror attacks, knowing they and their countries could be next on the ISIS hit list. President Obama used his joint appearance with Argentina’s president to express their mutual sympathies. “Today, the people of the United States and Argentina stand with the Belgian people and express our extraordinary sorrow for the losses they’ve experienced.” In Brussels, police are still searching for accomplices in the […]

  • Wife of Cliburn-winning pianist charged with murdering their young daughters

    BENBROOK, TX –  A shocking twist to the tragic murders of two girls. Police in Benbrook, near Fort Worth, now say their mother, Sofya Tsygankova, killed 5-year-old Nika and 1-year-old year old Michela Kholodenko. She’s the estranged wife of pianist Vadym Kholodenko. Kholodenko found his daughters’ bodies last week when he went to pick them up from their mother. She had several stab wounds, police now say were self-inflicted. Police say Tsygankova is undergoing a mental evaluation. Classical music fans […]

  • ISIS claims responsibility for terror attacks in Brussels that killed more than 30 and wounded more than 100

    BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Carnage and chaos after bombs explode at the Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek metro station. Three bombs went off within about an hour. Two at the airport. Authorities say the attacks killed more than 30 and wounded more than 100. Three Mormon missionaries are among the wounded. Church officials say they were at the airport to see off another person who had passed through airport security when one of the bombs exploded. The US European Command says […]

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