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  • Two fishermen stayed afloat for three days thanks to an Igloo cooler

    KATY, TX – Who doesn’t love coolers? They’re great for picnics, barbecues and every time you have a date with nature. But you’d never expect a cooler to save your life. After a shipwreck last week, two boaters stayed afloat for three days in the waters of the Galveston Bay area, thanks to an Igloo cooler they carried with them. “A wave hit us from the side, the boat flipped over and we were in the water,” recalls Raymond Jacik. […]

  • What’s next for Ted Cruz

    HOUSTON, Texas – After losing to Donald Trump in Indiana, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he was dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination. “We left it all on the field in Indiana,” said Cruz to a crowd of followers when he called it a quits. “We gave it everything we’ve got. But the voters chose another path.” He’s certainly managed to put on an impressive operation throughout this campaign. But now that Cruz is out, the first […]

  • Man in Humble has multiple wives, charged with bigamy

    HUMBLE, Texas – It’s looks like a guy in Humble had one wife too many.  Victor Miguel Estrada allegedly married several women at the Harris County Court House, without getting a divorce first. “County clerks said that all they can do is believe that he’s not married”, said Mayra Evelyn Roman Mendez, who tied the knot with Estrada in 2008. “Every time he gets married to somebody else, they’ll believe him.” Now Estrada is missing, and everybody is looking for […]

  • Despite the crisis, oil and gas companies come to Houston for OTC

    HOUSTON, Texas – With a pretty good crowd for a Monday, the Offshore Technology Conference opened its doors once again at NRG Center. “Every year we have a lot of new exhibits and new technologies,” explained Joe Fowler, Chairman of OTC’s Board of Directors. With oil prices down the drain, the energy sector has been kind of low energy lately. Jobs are being cut by the thousands, and trying to sell drilling equipment hasn’t been as tough in years. “In […]

  • Flash flood warning for the Houston-Galveston area

    HOUSTON, Texas – Watch out! It’s coming again. There’s another flash flood warning for the Houston-Galveston area from Friday through Sunday morning. With heavy rains expected, the Harris County Emergency Operations Center will be activated at Level 3, “Increased Readiness.” “According to the forecast, we’ll have anywhere between 2 inches of rain in some areas, up to 8 inches in other areas,” said Francisco Sanchez, PIO of the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “Our concern right […]

  • Are the City of Houston and Uber playing chicken?

    HOUSTON, TX – Before the Super Bowl, the Uber brawl. Just when the City of Houston is putting all the logistics together for America’s top sporting event – enough transportation for visitors being one of them – Uber is threatening to leave us. “The City of Houston does not compromise on public safety,” expressed Mayor Sylvester Turner. “We want them to stay, but only if they follow our rules.” The conflict is over new regulations: Uber drivers will be required […]

  • Trump applying tactics he described 30 years ago in his book “The Art of the Deal”

    NEW YORK CITY, NY – With Trump sweeping the votes in five states on Tuesday, it seems like it would be pretty hard now for the so-called Republican anti-Trump camp to stop this train. What started as a joke, kind of… has become a national phenomenon. Whether or not you like the billionaire, one thing is for sure: nobody should claim to be surprised by the way he attacks opponents or gets media attention; because he wrote about his tactics […]

  • Fighting bullying early on

    HOUSTON, TX – How do you stop bullying in schools? Just ask the experts: “I would tell them to stop because it’s hurting other people’s feelings,” said second-grader Diego Mendoza. And what if a kid you know is being bullied? “If you’re bullied, just ignore whoever is bullying you and don’t pay attention to them,” expressed 7-year-old Evan Lucio. “Be proud of who you are,” added Monse Pineda. “And you always need to believe in yourself,” concluded Aliyah Rodriguez. Bullying […]

  • One week after the flood, Houston is still in shock

    HOUSTON, TX – It’s been one week since the Tax Day flood. Even though the waters have receded, Houston is still suffering. “They’re tearing down our sheetrock, as we speak, in our apartment complex,” said North Houston resident Michelle Banion. “Everyone over here is devastated: their houses destroyed, their cars gone.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that the federal assistance he has requested for Harris, Fayette, Grimes and Parker counties has been awarded. Affected citizens will receive up to $33,000 […]

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