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  • Taking urban acrobatics to new heights

    HOUSTON, TX – You’ve heard the term “bouncing off the walls” before — well this week’s SubCulture is taking the phrase literally. Urban Movement is dedicated to teaching Parkour, an urban form of acrobatics, both inside their spacious studio and out on Houston’s streets.

  • Women in Houston prove boxing is not only for men

    Houston boxing gym shows what it really means to ‘fight like a girl’

    HOUSTON, Tx. — Some might call boxing a man’s sport, but the ladies at Houston’s Women’s Elite Boxing Club are knocking out that stereotype, showing off what it really means to train like a girl.

  • College campus in Colorado allows dogs, cats to live in dorms

    GREELEY, CO – A Colorado college campus is turning into animal house. Students at the University of Northern Colorado are now allowed to have either a cat or a dog live with them in their dorm rooms. “This is an offering that you can’t get any where else and that’s an opportunity that we think students would like to come to UNC and that’s a new draw to live on campus,” said Brad Shade, UNC director of Housing Services. The four-legged […]

  • Russia sends convoy across Ukrainian border without permission

    KIEV, UKRAINE – Russia is moving in to Ukraine that is. After months of tension and violence between the two nations, NATO is confirming for the first time that Russian forces are infiltrating Ukraine’s borders, without permission from the Ukrainian government. A convoy of Russian trucks entered Ukraine filled with humanitarian provisions. This might not sound like a bad thing, but Ukrainian authorities have been clear: Stay outta here, Putin! NATO is condemning the move, saying “It can only deepen […]

  • Harris County DA candidate Kim Ogg accuses Devon Anderson of mishandling HPD case

    HOUSTON, TX  – As the old saying goes, politics makes strange bedfellows. And a romantic relationship between an assistant district attorney and a disgraced HPD officer is heating up the race for Harris County district attorney. Ryan Chandler was fired earlier this year for mishandling at least 20 Houston homicide cases. Now Kim Ogg, candidate for district attorney, is accusing current D.A. Devon Anderson of mishandling the investigation. “It’s time for the public to be told by our D.A. exactly how and when […]

  • Houston police officers accused of ticket-rigging scheme

    HOUSTON,TX  – A scandal is brewing in the Houston Police Department. Four HPD officers were ordered to turn in their badges and relieved of duty during an investigation into an alleged speeding ticket rigging scheme. The scheme reportedly involves listing officers as present during traffic stops who weren’t actually there. The story also took a tragic turn Tuesday afternoon August 19 when one of the officers relieved of duty committed suicide in his patrol car shortly after handing over his badge. […]

  • UT puts $2.5 million towards suicide prevention

    AUSTIN,TX – Robin Williams’ death is a shocking reminder that depression and suicide affect people from all walks of life. Now that tragic wake-up call could be responsible for saving lives right here in Texas. The University of Texas system regents voted Thursday August 21 to put $2.5 million toward two new suicide prevention programs for students. One is an after-hours crisis hotline to be funded for five years, and the other, a ‘bystander intervention initiative’ will be funded for […]

  • George W. Bush takes on ice bucket challenge, calls Bill Clinton

    CYPRESS, TX – It’s the craze sweeping the nation. Your Facebook feed has been full of people dumping ice water on themselves, all in the name of raising awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now the phenomenon is hitting our community. Just before the start of the school year the superintendent of Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District treated himself and his administrators to a nice icy bath. And here’s a good sport you’ll recognize as your 43rd president. […]

  • Little Leaguer Mo’Ne Davis graces cover of Sports Illustrated

    NEW YORK, NY – You might not recognize this little slugger yet, but soon enough you’ll be seeing her all over the place, thanks to her history-making cover of Sports Illustrated. Mo’ne Davis is the first Little Leaguer to grace the cover of the national magazine. She took the ball-playing world by storm when she became the first girl to throw a shutout in the Little League World Series. Best of all? Ms. Davis is reportedly even better at basketball […]

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