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  • Florence makes landfall but officials warn ‘this is just the beginning’

    BERN, N.C. — You know you’re in trouble when the Cajun Navy comes to town! “Unfortunately, Florence is doing exactly as predicted,” says FEMA Director Brock Long. The freakishly fierce Florence made landfall in North Carolina early Friday near Wrightsville Beach and, just as expected, she’s causing major flooding and power outages throughout the coastal region. She’s also to blame for two deaths, so far. Wilmington police say a mom and her baby were killed when a tree fell on […]

  • Pope Francis convenes first-ever summit on the protection of minors from sexual abuse by priests

    VATICAN CITY – Getting face-time with the Pope is no easy task, but when the Archdiocese from our neck of the woods requested a meeting with the Pontiff, it was granted. Cardinal Daniel Di Nardo from Galveston and Houston is president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  On Thursday, he and several other top U.S. church officials will discuss the escalating sex abuse scandal rocking the church, and how the Pope has coped. Just as Pope Francis faces growing […]

  • Undercover sting operation leads to 13 men arrested for online sexual solicitation involving minors

    HOUSTON — A local undercover operation involving sex, the internet and social media has led to the arrest of 13 adult men, all of whom thought they were hooking up with children. The undercover cops posed as minors on various online and social media apps in order to chat-up the adults suspected of sexually exploiting children. The men believed they were soliciting sex or sex-related acts. “Every one of these suspects thought they were meeting a 13 to 15-year-old boy […]

  • Hurricane Florence continues barreling toward east coast

    WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. — Hurricane Florence is making a beeline for the east coast and make no mistake, Flo’s got some major mojo. “This is going to be, you know, a Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast,” says Jeff Byard with FEMA. With empty beaches and over-stocked supply shelves, this is known as the calm before the storm makes landfall Friday night or Saturday.  It`s expected to bring a salt water storm surge anywhere from 9 to 19 feet. […]

  • Gordon downgraded to depression as Hurricane Florence strengthens in Atlantic

    PENSACOLA, Fla. — Tropical Storm Gordon is responsible for at least one death so far.  A young child was killed in Pensacola, Florida when a huge oak tree fell on top of a mobile home, there.  Authorities removed the small body from the wreckage as fierce winds and heavy rain pounded the gulf coast. Even though Gordon has been downgraded to a tropical depression, he’s still packing quite a punch, along with the potential for life-threatening storm surges. Gordon made landfall […]

  • Middle school student mugged on way home from school; California cops still searching for suspects

    BERKELEY, Calif. — One California 14-year-old is counting her lucky stars. After surviving a pretty terrifying incident, she has the best excuse ever for not turning in her homework! Eighth grader Kassiopeia O’Melay is the victim of a hit and roll.  She was riding her bike home from school Friday when a car got way too close for comfort. “The front passenger window rolled down, an arm reached out picked up my backpack, and the car hit my bike and […]

  • Houston Flood Museum now open for touring— all you need is internet connection!

    HOUSTON — Houston has a brand new museum that’s literally flooded with exhibits! If you want to take a tour, you can’t beat the price: totally free! “We’re a virtual museum, so we’re located wherever you are,” Founding Director Lacy Johnson of the said. “The flood museum is a work of public and communal remembering about the catastrophic flooding that increasingly affects our region. Right now, we’re focusing on the human side,” Johnson said. “We’re using stories about the storm […]

  • State fair ride malfunction strands several riders upside down

    PUYALLUP, Wash. — It’s fair to say 19 people got pretty lucky at the Washington State Fair after a ride malfunctioned.  All 19 were stuck when it just suddenly stopped working mid-ride.  Many people were left dangling upside down. They all managed to get off the popular El Nino ride safely in about 10 minutes. But, getting dizzy was the least of their concerns.  El Nino happens to be very similar to the ride that turned deadly at the Ohio […]

  • ‘Incident meteorologist’ becomes media star by accident during Hurricane Harvey

    HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – There are certain Harvey images we’ll never forget—  and certain people, too! Surely, you remember Jeff Lindner. “Honestly, during an emergency situation, people want you to get to the point,” Lindner said. The no-nonsense meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District quickly became the face of the flood. “I guess I kind of call myself an incident meteorologist. There’s an incident, Harvey is the incident. And I go in as the forecaster that sits at the […]

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