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  • Viral video: California girl’s aggressive arrest for public intoxication

    ARCATA, Cali. —  Ever heard of Humboldt State University? You will now!  The small northern California campus is getting all sorts of unwanted attention after a traffic stop quickly went sideways. This is part of an exchange between a university cop and Samantha Alonso Luna, the young woman she was arresting. Luna:  “Why are you being so rude?” University police officer:  “You’re the one who’s being rude.” Luna:  “How am I being rude?” University police officer:  “Seriously? You’re about two […]

  • Deputy accused of raping 4-year-old, threatening to have her undocumented mom deported if family spoke out

    BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – A Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy is accused of raping a 4-year-old girl, then threatening to have her family deported if anyone spoke out, authorities said. “The details of the case are quite frankly heartbreaking,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said. Jose Nunez, 47, was arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted the little girl, who told her mother Nunez touched her inappropriately and hurt her. “The mother of this little girl is an undocumented immigrant,” Salazar said. According to […]

  • Disney warns recording-breaking new film, ‘Incredibles 2,’ may cause seizures

    LOS ANGELES — There was some amazing muscle flexing at the box office over the weekend!  That means,”Incredibles 2″ holds the record for biggest animated film opening ever in the United States. With a brand new villain named Screenslaver, the sequel to the 2004 hit made an estimated $180 million over the weekend.  If you think that’s incredible, get this. That villainous scene with it’s flashing lights may cause seizures. Apparently, this visual effect can trigger something called photosensitive epilepsy.  […]

  • Fire chief calls 55 undocumented immigrants found inside a tractor-trailer a ‘feel good story’

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A San Antonio detention center has about 50 new occupants, but they were first discovered inside a tractor-trailer. San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood says the big rig was filled with 55 undocumented immigrants. It was parked in a north side neighborhood Tuesday near the San Antonio airport.  “There are a few minors in this group but mainly adults.” Chief Hood said all the illegals appeared to be in good health, including the children. Only five […]

  • Caught on camera: Oklahoma deputy saves toddler from choking

    POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. – If someone you love starts choking on something, will you know what to do?  When an Oklahoma mom did not,  it was the most terrifying moment of her life. Victoria Terrill thought her 3-year-old son Chaz was choking on a sucker.  “You know I was panicking and it sucks that I didn’t know what to do.” Lucky for them, Deputy William Wheeler just happened to drive by.  Even better, he knew exactly what to do! Wheeler […]

  • Raccoon climbs to the top of a high-rise and captures the internet’s attention

    ST. PAUL, Minn. — The masked mammal who scaled a skyscraper and enthralled the internet has been caught!  Meet the rogue little rascal from Minnesota who`s epic journey up the side of a 25-story building became Twitter’s top trending topic as crowds gathered to gawk. “It’s a living creature that’s in peril, you know,” one on-looker said. Her climb commenced on Tuesday. She was seen trapped on an overhang near the bottom of the building in St. Paul. The adventurous […]

  • Local volunteer firefighter arrested, charged with bigamy 

    CYPRESS, Texas – A Texas firefighter has some personal fires to put out: legal fires!  Nathaniel D’Amato is behind bars accused of having too many wives. It’s called bigamy and his accuser is the woman he married just recently. According to Harris County court records, a woman married D’Amato in April and discovered days later the suspect was already married.  Investigators say he got hitched to another woman in Michigan 20 years ago. According to constables, D’Amato’s local accuser claims he’s […]

  • Bank makes million-dollar mistake in customer’s favor, but he gives money back

    WAXHAW, N. C. — Imagine getting a check in the mail for a million dollars! But that check, made out to you, is for the wrong amount. That’s what happened to Eric Gabriel and his family in North Carolina.  Gabriel closed an account at Bank of America and was expecting cash, but not that much! “I could feel my flesh say, ‘I want this,'” he said. Who wouldn’t want the money? And the thought of becoming a millionaire overnight…it was […]

  • The youngest victims of Guatemala’s deadly volcano eruption headed to Galveston for treatment

    GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – Texas will care for Guatemala’s most vulnerable victims of Sunday’s Fuego Volcano eruption: the children. On Wednesday, some who were critically injured will arrive in Galveston, courtesy of the U.S. military. The kids will be admitted to the Shriners Hospital for Children for treatment in the Pediatric Burn Center. Despite severe injuries, they’re the lucky ones. They survived and escaped. Since fire, lava, rock and ash tore through villages at more than a 100 miles an […]