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  • Lucy Bertrand’s family holds benefit to raise money for funeral expenses

    TEXAS CITY, Texas – Three kids are left without a mother after Texas City’s Lucy Bertrand was beat and stabbed to death in her home. The suspects, Amy Lynne Medina and Cory McCray, are now in custody, but this is only the beginning for her family. Bertrand’s eldest daughter, Kayleigh Ovalle,  is not only mourning the death of her mother but also taking care of her siblings and handling funeral arrangements. “I’m 19, and now me and my grandma have […]

  • Houston bar refuses to show NFL games this season

    HOUSTON — Bar food, beer and football could be a tradition coming to an end. A local bar will no longer show NFL games as a form of protest. This season, the NFL changed its policy for players regarding the National Anthem. Players are no longer required to be on the field before games while the Star Spangled Banner plays. However, they are allowing teams to discipline those players who protest publicly during the song. It’s the NFL’s attempt to […]

  • Houston ISD shuts down charter school just two weeks before classes start

    HOUSTON — There are just days left until the start of the Houston ISD school year and hundreds of parents are left scrambling to find a new school for their kids because the district has abruptly cancelled its affiliation with a charter school. Suddenly, Kandy Stripe Academy Charter School will not open this upcoming school year. Many parents are just finding out and were told by automated voice message. Rosalinda Scallion, a parent at Kandy Stripe is furious. “They should […]

  • Herbicide found in breakfast cereal and heavy metals in baby food, multiple reports say

    HOUSTON — Your morning Cheerios might be contaminated and your baby’s food could be, too. Environmental research and advocacy groups found traces of herbicide in Quaker Oats and other breakfast foods that could increase cancer risk for kids. However, don’t throw out your General Mills just yet! Researchers said the products are safe and meet quality standards. According to Dietician and lactation consultant Melissa Gause, contaminates in food is a common concern, but moderation is key. “It is a concern […]

  • Texans back to practicing in front of hometown fans 

    HOUSTON — The Texans are practicing in Houston for the first time this season and fans were pumped! Die-hard Texans fans lined up early to scope out the perfect spot and greet their beloved team for day one of practice. One Texans fan even spent the night in the parking lot! “I’ve been here since midnight,” Texans fan Candelario Rangel said. The love and support from the fans does not go unnoticed. “It’s always great to come back home and […]

  • Conroe teen with down syndrome impresses the world with amazing artwork

    CONROE, Texas — Nearly two years ago, a Conroe family adopted a 12-year-old girl with down syndrome from Bulgaria. Sevy Eicher, who is now 14 years old, is also non verbal. However, her art speaks volumes. Sevy’s parents discovered she had an incredible talent for art. “She started painting and just blew us away,” her mom Lisa said. Sevy now has her own studio as well as her own way of doing things, the mother said. “She doesn’t like any suggestions, […]

  • Mom with two kids caught on camera stealing kitten from Houston Cat Hospital, staff says

    HOUSTON — Houston Cat Hospital staff are searching for a kitten that was stolen from their office Wednesday after the alleged thief was caught on camera! “We couldn’t believe it. Most people don’t steal cats. There’s a ton of stray kitties that need homes and we just never thought that somebody would come in and steal one from us,” manager Jessica Weitzel said. Houston Cat Hospital is a clinic first, but the staff also take in newborn stray cats, nursing […]

  • Houston coaches working to break the cycle of domestic violence

    HOUSTON — In sports, coaches are the epitome of leadership. They influence athletes from little league all the way to the professional level while building lifetime bonds. Unfortunately, sports and male athletes in particular are often associated with domestic violence case. Ohio State placed Head Football Coach Urban Meyer on paid administration leave while the school investigates Meyer’s knowledge about Courtney Smith’s 2015 allegation of domestic violence by her ex-husband Zach Smith, an assistant coach under Meyer. Aid to Victims […]

  • Let it drop! Houston’s temporary flood mitigation plan is to lighten Lake Conroe’s water weight

    CONROE, Texas — Nearly a year ago, Hurricane Harvey caused waterways like Lake Conroe and Lake Houston to flood, resulting in unprecedented damage to neighboring areas. Now, with Hurricane season approaching, there’s a push to be preemptive and lower the levels of the lakes even before the potential of repeat flooding exists. Both lakes remain an important part of the drinking water supplies in the Greater Houston area and people are concerned about droughts. Conroe resident Steve Hodges believes the […]