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  • Santa Fe High School class reunion turned benefit

    SANTA FE, Texas – What started off as a class reunion turned into a a full on benefit and festival on Sunday in Santa Fe. Santa Fe alumni came together to host a benefit in place of their reunion. The benefit included games, vendors, live music and BBQ. All of the process from this event are going to those affected by the tragedy that hit Santa Fe High School in March when a gunman opened fire on campus. The event […]

  • Pearland donut shop gives some sweet help to Harvey victim

    PEARLAND, Texas – The community bands together once again for Rosalia Nall, but this time with some sweet treats. Pena’s Donuts and Diner held a fundraiser Saturday donating a portion of all orders to helping fix the home of Rosalia which was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. Owner Raymond Pena, says he say her story on NewsFix and wanted to help. Due to all the donations and help from the community, Rosalia says her house if finally becoming a home again […]

  • Lessons by Legends: Former Texans greats hold football camp

    HOUSTON – It’s summer time in Texas which only means one thing. Football camps! This weekend Nine Innovations Gym is hosting a youth football camp where kids are taught by Texans legends Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. These kids are being taught the fundamentals of football by professional athletes and the people who train them. Arian Foster says this is not like a regular camp. These kids split into different position groups and get specialty training for specific skills. There […]

  • Special fan gets opportunity of a lifetime, throwing out first pitch at Astros game

    HOUSTON– Lets play ball! The Astros play Oakland on Monday and will have a very special person throwing the first pitch. Evan Levin is a person with autism who works with Celebration Company, a Jewish Family Service program and employs adults who have disabilities. Evan is well-liked by his peers, so it’s no surprised he was nominated to throw the first pitch. Celebrations Director Jamie Weiner said Levin loves everyone. “He will notice if you have a haircut, he’ll notice […]

  • Fourth of July floods had some Houstonians shaky after Harvey brought death, devastation to city 

    Fourth of July flood had some Houstonians shaky, remembering HOUSTON– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is something we often hear about when talking about military veterans. However, after Wednesday’s flooding, it’s clear Houstonians affected by Hurricane Harvey are now experiencing their own version of the disorder. Floods cause about $6 billion in damage and kill an estimated 140 people every year in the U.S. alone. Many people are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey while we enter another Hurricane Season. […]

  • Kingwood residents enjoy 4th of July parade despite heavy rain

    HOUSTON — It’s raining, it’s pouring— but the old man is not snoring! Kingwood residents celebrated July 4th with a rainy parade and people loved it. The weather also served as a reminder to Kingwood residents, who were among those most devastated by Hurricane Harvey late last summer. In fact, many felt the need to attend the parade as tribute to the community. Participants hit the streets at 10 a.m. It was one of the few parades scheduled for Wednesday that actually […]

  • Mattress Mack announces plans to add community centers to his stores in Houston

    HOUSTON — Mattress Mack is the gift that keeps on giving. Jim Mclnhvale is transforming his stores into half-retail shop half-community centers where Houstoninans will be taught valuable trade skills. Since more people are shopping online, Mclnhvale felt the community center would be a good way to use the retail space, and of course, give back to the community. Gallery Furniture will also have a daycare center for not only employees, but people taking the classes as well. They are […]

  • New home builders program launches in Houston teaching students much-needed carpentry skills post-Harvey

    HOUSTON – Calling all aspiring carpenters! Home Building Institute is launching the HBI Acers Home program. The first-of-its-kind training program is teaching students needed carpentry skill, preparing them for jobs in construction. The need is bigger than you might think. After Hurricane Harvey, one-third of the housing stock was impacted and there was a lack of workforce to respond. This program was developed to help rebuild the homes in the Houston community, as well as help individuals get jobs. The […]

  • MLB umpires gift patients Build-A-Bear plush animals at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

    HOUSTON — No strikes or outs called on this! Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital partnered with UMPS CARE charities to host a Build-A-Bear workshop inside the hospital for kids to create their own  bear and meet with some of the umpires who are calling Tuesday night’s Astros game against Toronto. Since the program began in 2006, MLB umpires have hosted 144 children’s hospital events and handed out more than 14,000 Build-A-Bears. Now, when you’re watching the game— go a little easy on […]