Trevor Shirley joined the Nexstar Washington, D.C., Bureau in 2019. Trevor arrived in the Nation’s Capital after his most recent reporter assignments in Indianapolis and Atlanta.
As a native of the Midwest, Trevor knows what it takes to connect the news of the day to the heartland of America. He enjoys reporting on stories related to education, agriculture, and national security.
As a journalist, Trevor has covered many major events—including the Ferguson riots, tropical storms, and the treatment of Ebola patients in Atlanta.
Trevor is a proud graduate of Indiana University. When he’s not covering politics in Washington, D.C., Trevor enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and reading.

Recent Articles
  • Bill to aid retirement savings in limbo despite bipartisan support

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — If lawmakers can work it out, there could soon be a new measure to help more Americans save for retirement. It’s called The Secure Act, and even though Democrats and Republicans agree it’s a good idea, there’s no guarantee it will pass. “Most of what it does is make it easier for middle-class families to save for their retirement,” said Sen. Patrick Toomey (R-Pa.). The Secure Act would allow part-time workers access to 401(k)s and let […]

  • Lawmakers seek to end specter of government shutdowns

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — Another government shutdown could be upon us in just 10 days when funding for the country runs out unless Congress passes a spending bill. But some lawmakers said it’s time to end the specter of a shutdown once and for all. Memories of last year’s partial government shutdown are still fresh in Washington. “It cost foreclosures, it cost evictions, it cost families to go to payday lenders,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Now another shutdown could […]

  • About CW39 Houston

    KIAH-TV is a CW affiliate that has been broadcasting in Houston for over 50 years! The station signed on as an independent (Ch 39) in 1967 under the call letters KHTV and was initially best known for its presentation of Houston Wrestling with Paul Boesch. A charter affiliate of the WB Network, the station call letters were changed to KHWB in September of 1999 and “WB39 News at 9” debuted in the fall of 2000. After the dissolution of the WB Network […]

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