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  • Florida man calls 911 to brag about his muscles

    ST. AUGUSTINE, FL – It’s nice to get a compliment every now and then, and maybe that’s all one Florida man was looking for. Police say they got a call from 44-year-old Eddie Garcia, who reportedly called to report a harassing telephone call he got. His emergency quickly took a romantic turn. He started hitting on the dispatcher, who hung up on him shortly after she realized he wasn’t calling for an actual emergency.  But Eddie’s a man with a […]

  • Florida man steals SUV from dealership, leaves wallet in stolen vehicle

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL – It’s happened to all of us at one time or another — forgetting where you parked. But one Florida guy knew exactly where to get his car, the only problem is that it wasn’t his car. Police in West Palm Beach say a suspect made off with a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe from the actual Hyundai dealership, but his joyride was short-lived. The car was rigged with a GPS tracking system, so authorities were led […]

  • Two North Carolina teens bitten by shark less than 90 minutes apart

    OAK ISLAND, NC – It’s the time of year where folks are heading out to the beaches and hitting the waters. But the sounds of splashing are turning into sounds of terror after two teens were attacked by a shark in North Carolina. The popular beaches of Oak Island are on high alert after not one, but two shark attacks happened less than 90 minutes apart. A 13-year-old girl was attacked first at 4:15 p.m. Then less than 90 minutes […]

  • Company hires cat as its Communications Director

    BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – A company in Romania recently posted a job opening for a Communications Director. They were looking for someone with: Good communication skills Problem solver Ability to lead others Able to think strategically, take initiative, juggle multiple projects Extensive knowledge of social media The winner of the large pool of candidates was none other than a cat! A four-legged feline is roaming the halls of the company as its head honcho. The cat beat out 700 other felines […]

  • HISD trustees postpone decision on whether or not to shut down Hope Academy

    HOUSTON, TX – If there’s one thing we learned from George Michael in 1987, it was to have a little faith. That’s what some are holding onto, well more like hope, Hope Academy that is. Houston ISD trustees postponed a decision on whether or not to close down the Hope Academy Charter School, a school that provides education for at-risk students. Hope supporters showed up to Thursday’s board meeting to make their voices heard. “These are students that need just […]

  • Houston’s Third Ward lacking better grocery stores

    HOUSTON, TX – Here’s some food for thought. Houston is awesome, but not every neighborhood has the same access to fresh produce at an affordable price, or a good supermarket nearby for that matter. “There’s not enough food markets in the area. We need a fresh food market out here,” said Tammie Scott, a Third Ward resident. Areas of town where you can’t find healthy food is what’s called a food desert, a very sensitive issue in the Bayou City. […]

  • 9-year-old boy cuts long hair to donate to ‘Wigs for Kids’

    BROWN DEER, WI – A 9-year-old Wisconsin boy is sporting a new look after he cut off all his hair for a good cause. Tre Rathkamp donated his long locks to Wigs for Kids; an organization that helps children dealing with hair loss due to diseases like cancer. Rathkamp says his grandmother was his inspiration. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

  • Man robs shoe store he robbed 15 years ago one day after getting out of jail

    TOMS RIVERS, NJ – A criminal goes to jail, gets out and hopefully doesn’t commit a crime again, right? Well for 41-year-old Christopher Miller, that wasn’t the case. Police in New Jersey say Miller got released from jail, and with only one day of freedom under his belt, he robbed a shoe store. One of the workers, who had been employed at the store for more than 15 years recognized Miller because he had robbed the same store back in 1999. […]

  • Recipient of world’s first penis transplant says girlfriend is pregnant

    STELLENBOSCH, SOUTH AFRICA – Three years ago a man in South Africa made headlines when the circumcision he had went bad, way bad. In fact, it was so bad the man ended up losing his member. Last December, doctors at Stellenbosch University did something they had never done before. They successfully performed the world’s first penis transplant. The man who had the surgery is now sharing even more good news. He says his girlfriend is pregnant. Doctors also confirmed the […]

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