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HOUSTON, Tx.- In honor of Black History Month, here’s a colorful story to share and it all takes place in our great Bayou City. It’s located in the Fifth Ward, and it’s a mural that captures the history and heritage of one of Houston’s oldest African-American communities.

Thanks to a national “Save our History” grant from the History Channel, the vibrant masterpiece called “The Fruits of Fifth Ward” was brought to life in back in October of 2006.

The $10,000 project is composed of more than 1500 mosaic tiles. The 50-foot mural was constructed by students at nearby Wheatley High School under the direction of Reginald Adams. The mural is a tribute to the people painted on it and the neighborhood they helped blossom. It honors 21 former residents, including a variety of famous musicians, politicians, and local educators. A powerful group of Houstonians who made history for their hometown.

Next time you’re in the area, check out the mural at the corner of Lyons Avenue and Schwartz Street, and do your part to keep another piece of H-town history alive.