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Blattner Tech Partners with Juice Analytics to Provide Advanced Data Visualization Capabilities

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Blattner Tech, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the predictive transformation industry, announces a strategic partnership with Juice Analytics, a trailblazer in data visualization, to offer enhanced data visualization capabilities to its customers. This collaboration aims to empower businesses with advanced tools and insights to leverage their data effectively.

Blattner Tech has established itself as a prominent player in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, and Machine Learning domains, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive transformative outcomes for businesses. With a diverse portfolio of offerings, Blattner Tech enables organizations to harness the power of data and make informed decisions to fuel their growth and success.

Juice Analytics, known for revolutionizing how businesses perceive and utilize their data, has developed a powerful data visualization platform called Juicebox. This platform empowers business owners to understand and interact with their data intuitively, enabling them to uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

By joining forces, Blattner Tech and Juice Analytics aim to bridge the gap between advanced data analytics and user-friendly data visualization. Through this partnership, businesses can now access state-of-the-art data visualization capabilities seamlessly integrated with Blattner Tech's suite of AI-driven solutions. This synergy will enable users to unlock the full potential of their data, gain actionable insights, and accelerate their decision-making processes.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Juice Analytics," said Russ Blattner, CEO of Blattner Tech. "This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of providing comprehensive and transformative solutions to our customers. Juice Analytics' expertise in data visualization complements our AI and data analytics capabilities, enabling us to deliver unparalleled value to businesses seeking to harness the power of their data."

By leveraging Juicebox, Blattner Tech's customers will be able to visualize complex data sets in a simple and intuitive manner. The enhanced data visualization capabilities will facilitate better understanding, identification of patterns, and communication of insights, empowering organizations to derive actionable intelligence from their data and drive strategic decision-making.

"We are excited to join forces with Blattner Tech and bring our data visualization expertise to their portfolio of solutions," said Zach Gemignani, CEO of Juice Analytics. "Our platform Juicebox is designed to democratize data and enable organizations of all sizes to unlock the value of their information. Through this partnership, we will empower Blattner Tech's customers with advanced data visualization capabilities, helping them harness the full potential of their data assets."

The collaboration between Blattner Tech and Juice Analytics marks an important milestone in the predictive transformation industry. Together, they are set to redefine how businesses perceive, analyze, and interact with their data, opening up new possibilities for innovation and growth.

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