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NotiSphere Launches First Comprehensive Supply Chain Disruption Communications Platform for Hospitals

The only digital platform to go beyond recalls connects suppliers with healthcare providers directly, sending only relevant supply-chain alerts

We are the only platform in the market that is addressing communication needs related to common supply chain disruptions beyond recalls.”
— NotiSphere CEO Guillermo Ramas
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- NotiSphere has launched a new comprehensive supply chain disruption communication platform designed to help hospitals and other health-care facilities waste less money and time tracking supply-chain disruptions, including but not limited to recalls of medical products. The platform NotiSphere announced today is the first to provide comprehensive coverage of backorders, shortages and recall events electronically — ensuring that all alerts are relevant to that particular facility, thus saving many hours of staff time and, more importantly, minimizing risks to their patients.

The NotiSphere platform connects suppliers and providers directly, enabling instant two-way communication between them. The platform arrives amid sharply rising healthcare recalls and supply chain disruptions. The year 2021 saw 600 million impacted medical products — up 29% from the previous year. In addition to increased efficiency and patient safety, NotiSphere’s digital platform eliminates the need for paper recall alerts that, alone, require the equivalent of 500,000 trees annually.

“We built our platform to speed up the entire supply chain disruption communication cycle, in an effort to make sure patient care doesn’t suffer due to supply chain issues and that no recalled item ever reaches a patient,” said NotiSphere CEO Guillermo Ramas. “We are the only platform in the market that is addressing communication needs related to common supply chain disruptions beyond recalls. Our platform increases patient safety, removes millions of dollars in wasted healthcare spend, and enables providers to reduce their time now spent managing recalls and devote that time instead to patient care.”

Among the platform’s features:

● Proactive, timely notifications in one central location
● Direct communication and access to key information and resources
● Transparency between all relevant stakeholders (reps, customer service, distributors)
● Clarity regarding next steps and required actions such as allocation
procedures and corrective actions
● A consolidated view of all supply disruptions with details to manage actions and communications
● Ability to minimize risk of patient harm related to supply disruptions

For more information, visit www.notisphere.com.

About NotiSphere

NotiSphere offers an innovative digital platform that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of supply disruptions in real time. NotiSphere's mission is to minimize the impact of healthcare supply chain disruptions due to communication challenges between industry stakeholders. This is accomplished by automating communications, leveraging standards, and designing best practices and processes to promote industry-wide adoption. Learn more at www.notisphere.com.

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