Jack Yates High School’s Rubin Jones is this week’s Class Act!

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Though the season was cut short, the Jack Yates High School boy’s basketball team still made history, breaking their own national record for consecutive games with at least 100 points scored. Rubin Jones, their point guard, is this week’s Class Act.

“I saw the potential in him then even as an eighth grader in terms of leadership, the way he played, obviously he has a lot of talent, but its just his demeanor and the way he plays and interacts with his teammates, his coaches and everything,” explained Coach Greg Wise.

Coach Wise trusts Rubin to call some plays and to keep the rest of the team going in the right direction. He makes the right calls in the classroom too.

“With Rubin, all the teachers are glowing, like great super kid and they all come up to me and brag on him and want to come see him play because of how his is in class,” explained Wise.

Rubin earned a scholarship to play at the University of North Texas.

“I am really excited because a lot of people doubted me, a lot of people didn’t believe in me, so I’ll show what I can do,” said Jones.

Rubin has played basketball most of his life; it’s what his family does. He credits his mom for motivation in the classroom.

“My mama don’t play. My mama don’t let me slip up in the classroom. She stays on me all the time,” said Jones.

And his encouragement for younger athletes goes like this, “Don’t listen to everybody else. Do what you do. You’re gonna make it.”

Rubin plans to major in sports management at UNT.

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