Jack Yates HS basketball star Malon Garner is this week's Class Act

Class Acts
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Malon Garner’s love for the game started with playing street ball with her dad.

“I started playing basketball in elementary, the only girl on the Lockhart basketball team,” Malon said. “It started from there, and as I got older, I fell more in love with it.”

Now a senior at Jack Yates High School, Malon is a student athlete others look up to.“

“She might be one of the best leaders that we’ve ever had here as far as being a player and a student. She’s the number one ranked classroom student and is also the team captain,” Jack Yates High School’s Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Patrick Augbon said.

It hasn’t been easy though. She has pushed through despite incredibly tough circumstances.

“My dad passed away in 2018, and my mom now is incarcerated, so I feel like I have a point to prove,” Malon said. “With everything I carry on my back I feel like once I get on the court I let everything out.”

You can tell she plays for something bigger than herself.

“He’s always been my No. 1 supporter in that sport so I feel like I’ve got to put it all out on the floor. He always wanted me— ‘baby, you’ve got to win a ring’ and that’s what I feel like I’ve got to do— win a state ring for him.”

Her spunk and passion for the game are contagious and her coach said he has no doubt her future is bright.

“She does whatever it takes for us to win. If she wants to score she can score, she’ll play defense, she is able to adapt and that’s in the real world and on the court so that’s going to help her in the long run,” Augbon said.

Malon is still searching for the right opportunity to play college ball.

In the meantime, she plans to major in engineering.

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