HOUSTON (KIAH) – NRG is providing 100,000 trees to be planted across the city of Houston today. The planting will take place over the next year and a half, starting today. This is part of an effort to support the city’s plan to plant 4.6 million trees by the end of the decade. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner will be joined by executives and volunteers from NRG, Trees for Houston, and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department today to bring awareness to the initiative and plant 240 at Tuffly Park.

The project will align with the city’s ‘Climate Action Plan,’ which is aimed at enhancing the city’s natural ability to capture and store carbon, as well as help beautify, improve air quality, and reduce heat islands. This will also restore parts of the city that is shaded by trees across Houston and in underserved urban and rural areas.

A portion of the trees will be planted by or donated to community partners associated with Trees for Houston, a non-profit dedicated to planting, protecting, and promoting trees as well as educate the next generation on the importance of greenspace.

The planting event will take place today at 11a.m. in Tuffly Park on 3200 Russell Street.