HOUSTON (KIAH) — The women of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle are hosting a baby shower to honor active and veteran families with gifts to welcome their new baby.

The Red Cross Tiffany Circle was established 140 years ago by Clara Benton, and started by engaging remarkable women dedicated to saving lives of community members locally, nationally and around the world.

This Saturday March 5, from 10 a.m. until noon that day, the drive-thru baby shower families will take part in a safety preparedness activity. Each family that participates, will receive a gift bag, valued up to $130 of baby essentials.

Attendees must register to attend the shower as limited gift bags are available.

If you would like to volunteer or contribute a donation to help save a life, visit the Tiffany Circle website.

Individuals and families who donate who donate $1,000 or more expands the capacity to alleviate suffering during a major emergency. Here’s the form to fill out.

Donate to Red Cross

Of course there are other ways to donate to the Red Cross. You can choose which donation you would like to give out of $75 or $125 or $250 or $500. Even $1000! You may also choose to donate either one time or monthly. You can also dedicate a gift to a friend or a loved one in need of support. Payment can be accepted online and they take VISA, American Express,  Discover or MasterCard. They even take electronic payment via PayPal.

Giving blood is also a vital part of contributing to Red Cross.

Red Cross urgently needs whole blood donations. You can even make your appointment online. COVID-19 antibody testing is conducted on all donations. On the website each blood donor can log in to find out their donation schedule and allowed frequency. This includes the next time you may donate and which kind of blood you can contribute in comparison to Power Red Donation v. platelet donations. for whole blood, you can donate up to six times a year or every 56 days. Eligibility requirements include being in very good health and feeling well when you arrive. He must also be 16-years-old or older in most states. The contributor must also weigh at least 110 pounds to donate whole blood.