HOUSTON (KIAH) Dealing with trauma can be difficult. Dealing the trauma caused by racism either in words or deeds can be just as impactful. That’s why one Author is making it her mission to share techniques to help everyone.

Zee Clarke has experienced racism herself, and she doesn’t want it to effect anyone else. That’s why she wrote the book “Black People Breathe”.

Zee Clarke

She draws on her own professional expertise and her perspective as a Black woman to offer thirty-three mindfulness exercises, breathwork practices, and meditative tools centered on healing and survival for those who have endured racial trauma. Studies show that mindfulness can ease mental health concerns, and having experienced the benefits firsthand, Zee shares the practices that have been essential to her well-being. 

Zee Clarke

Black People Breathe is filled with deeply personal stories highlighting the many systemic challenges that people of color face. This mixture of guide and memoir offers practical techniques based on the emotions elicited from these experiences.

Though this collection was created to facilitate healing for communities of color, it also offers allies insight into the discrimination and inequity that these communities face, creating a space for deeper empathy and the inspiration to drive change.

You can meet and talk with Zee Clarke at a meet and greet event this weekend. It takes place:

Houston Museum of African American Culture

4807 Caroline St

Houston, TX 77004

Saturday, March 18, 2023 2:00-4:00pm