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HOUSTON (KIAH) — Experiencing the new KIAH CW39 Houston News App is just an update away.

KIAH has launched a new and improved mobile app this month. Those who already have the app simply need to update their versions on their phone. Those who don’t yet have it can download it from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Download the KIAH News App 

The new design offers a clean look that allows users to get to the content they want quicker than before on the app home screen, including weather, traffic, news, and video.

To explore more topics, simply open the menu in the upper left-hand corner, for the Latest headlines, Video, and Weather.

Directly below the main menu are exclusive franchise topic unique to CW39 Houston.

Or, tap on the bottom of the screen from left to right is Latest headlines, NO WAIT WEATHER, Saved Stories, and LIVE broadcasts for watching from 6-10am weekday mornings.

It also has a brand-new feature that lets people save stories to read later.

Users can also opt-in to notifications on topics they’re interested in following.