HOUSTON (KIAH) — A new officer has now joined the ranks of the La Porte Police Department. And he’s already getting illegal narcotics office of city streets.

CW39 Houston "Choir Boy" K9 officer La Porte Police
La Porte Police Department

Introducing “Choir Boy” ! This 3 year old Labrador Retriever is the newest arrival to the K9 officer core for La Porte Police.

According to La Porte Police, back in 2022, the department applied for several grants, to help restart the K9 unit program. Then, after several months, they were contacted by an organization called K9 Officers, and learned they intended to graciously donate their newest friendly K9, “Choir Boy” to La Porte Police.

In addition, K9 Officers donated funding for both “Choir Boy” and his handler, Officer Louis Norman, to attend training through Integrity K9 Texas located in Huntsville.  After completing their training and certification “Choir Boy” and Officer Norman were ready to hit the streets.

And this past weekend, they were able to make an immediate impact! The department says the duo removed nearly 23 grams of Crystal Methamphetamine from city streets!

And not only is “Choir Boy” a highly trained narcotics detection officer, he is also very friendly. The La Porte Police Department says it is happy to show him off around town and let him make many new friends at community events!