Crime Stoppers Houston Busier than ever and helping During Covid-19


For many, Crime Stoppers Houston is know as the place you call to leave a tip about a crime. But, it’s so much more than that, especially, during this Pandemic. It’s main focus, creating Safe Community Programs, is even more essential.

One area that has come into focus due to the Pandemic is Domestic Violence Cases in the area. There’s been an increase in the number of calls and reports since more families are staying home and self distancing. And Crime Stoppers’ Victims Assistance Programs are stepping up to the plate. But, there are ways the community can also help, too.

I talked with CEO of Crime Stoppers Houston, Rania Mankarious about what else needs to be done, to help domestic violence victims in the middle of this crisis.

And children are not just in danger from Domestic Violence, there is also Cyber Safety that needs to be address.

With more children and adults talking classes and socializing on line to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, more on-line predators are taking advantage of this opportunity, to go after children. Here’s what Mankarious says about what needs to be done now, while also discussing summer programs that could benefit kids and adults a like.

There are also tons of Resources available for anyone interested in learning more about Victims’ Assistance, Safe Community Programs, and the Safe School initiative as well. Simply go to for more information.

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