HOUSTON (CW39) – On Saturday, January 28th members of CrossFit Deer Park got together and invited the community to participate in a donation based workout for a Pasadena, TX gym that was destroyed in Tuesday’s tornado. The owner of the gym was shocked with how many people signed up and showed up on such short notice.

Meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin found 3 new friends from Deer Park, and jumped right into the workout. Watch her knock out some burpees in the video above that she posted on Twitter.

The workout included groups of 4 with lots of burpees, squats, sit-ups, and running. Every 5 min a timer went off! That was a cue to run around the gym giving high fives to other teams, before proceeding to the workout.

The owner of Southbelt, the no longer standing CrossFit gym, said a few words to the participants before the start of class. Some of the points that he made included how grateful he was for the CrossFit community, not just CrossFit Deer Park, but all the other gyms that showed up from out of town to participate. Another important point that he made was that… it is JUST a gym. He realizes that there are much larger problems that the community is facing than a lack of a place to workout. They WILL rebuild, it is just a matter of WHEN. There was no loss of life in this storm, which was the greatest blessing, but friends and family did lose their homes. Rebuilding that comes first.

For another chance to sweat with purpose, check out the article below. Skyline CrossFit will be hosting a similar event this weekend.