HOUSTON (KIAH) The Houston Furniture Bank is hoping to help support families with children who are sleeping on the floor every night in our city by providing thousands of them with much needed furnishings. Houston Furniture Bank’s “No Kids on the Floor” initiative works to provide bedding and home furnishings to Houston-area children in need, as well as their families.

Locally, Houstonians contribute to a lot of the waste when it comes to mattresses. 750,000 mattresses go to landfill around the greater Houston area, according to the International Sleep Products Association.  At 23 cubic feet per mattress in landfill, it costs money and creates more methane gas, which is harmful to the environment.

Last year (2022), The Houston Furniture Bank gave away 19,000 pieces of furniture to over 1,800 families in the greater Houston area. Now is your chance to help families in Houston who don’t have the furniture necessary to sleep at night.

Earth Day is coming up and donations are being accepted this April 21 and 22 only, from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Houston Furniture Bank at 8220 Mosley Road in Houston, Texas 77075.

From your donations, the Houston Furniture Bank creates about 7,000 mattresses per year (over 100 per day), using some of the recycled materials. Approximately 90% of mattresses brought to the bank is able to be recycled and/or upcycled, and last year alone, 48,000 mattresses were upcycled.

Here is a look at more from the Houston Furniture Bank founder Oli Mohammed about the critical need in our city and more about how you can help.