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HOUSTON (KIAH) — Emancipation Park partners with Comcast for an outdoor hotspot area this summer. This will be beneficial for people who live in the Third Ward of Houston and need wifi connectivity.

It’s called a “Lift Zone,” which is a location where people can come and connect to wifi for free. This started during the early months of the pandemic.

Comcast uses lift zones to provide digital resources for Houstonians living in lower-income areas. The goal is to educate everyone on “Digital Equity.”

This means having equal access to online activities and being able to participate in the digital economy. Whether that’s working from home or going to school.

“Lift zones are important to communities like the third ward area because we know that low-income individuals need to have the same access to digital skills and digital technology to grow and develop and fully participate in the digital economy,” said Misha McClure, Director of External Affairs for Comcast Houston Region.

Misha McClure, the director of external affairs for Comcast, says the focus now is to bridge the digital divide by eliminating barriers when it comes to wifi services being easily accessible. 

McClure says Comcast plans to contribute $1 billion to this initiative.

Houston has many ‘lift zones’ around the city and financial assistance programs for families in need of in-home wifi access.

To find these exact locations and for more information on these programs, visit