HOUSTON (KIAH) — Despite temperatures in the low 40s and light rain, donations poured in Monday for the Super Turkey Food Drive.

The donations the drive brings in at five locations across the Houston area from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. will feed tens of thousands of people a Thanksgiving meal Thursday at the 44th annual Super Feast.

City Wide Club has organized what they say is the “nations largest feeding and turkey distribution” all of those years.

Regional Director for that non-profit group, Stephanie Lewis, was hopeful that the chilly weather wouldn’t stop people from making their donations.

“Some of the people we serve have to face these conditions all the time,” she said of the city’s homeless population, “When we get out there, we’ll get to come in and warm up a little bit. But they don’t have a choice.”

That’s why in addition to turkeys and non-perishable foods, Lewis also asked people to donate things that can make the cold more bearable.

“If you have clothing or blankets or household items, please feel free to bring those as well,” she said.

City Wide Club also asked for donations of toys with another super drive and super feast coming up next month for Christmas.