HOUSTON (KIAH) — People go hungry each day in Houston. But a friendly competition, by legal professionals, hopes to change that. It’s called “Food from the Bar”!

This month-long, friendly competition brings law firms and legal organizations together to contribute money, food and/or volunteer time to the Houston Food Bank. Beginning from April 3 to April 30, legal organizations will compete to donate the most food, funds and volunteer hours by May 1.  Each team will earn points for their donations. 

Houston Food Bank is a resource for individuals and families in times of hardship. Hundreds of thousands of people count on the organization and its Partners, and this need has increased immensely due to the pandemic.  The organization is distributing approximately 800,000 pounds of food per day to keep up with the need in the community.

Houston Food Bank


    So How does It Work?

Legal organizations will be awarded points as follows:

  • 1 pound of food = 1 point
  • $1 = 3 points
  • 1 volunteer = 50 points

A firm/organization can even receive bonus points:

  • 100 bonus points for every volunteer attending Volunteer Bonus Days

All organizations that make a significant contribution to the campaign will receive Achievement Awards.

Bronze Partners – 5,000 points
Silver Partners – 10,000 points
Gold Partners – 15,000 points
Platinum Partners – 20,000 points

Special Awards

Overall Award – Highest overall combined totals
Best All-Around Award – Outstanding achievement based on total points per capita.
Creativity Award – as determined by the Houston Food Bank, the most innovative or unusual means of supporting Food from the Bar campaign.
Spirit Award – The most volunteer hours at Houston Food Bank per capita
“Food raiser” Award – Awarded to the legal organization who collects the most food.

     Sign Up – Early Registration Now Open

You can join the 8th Annual “Food From the Bar” campaign. Early registration is now open – register your team today.