HOUSTON (KIAH) – Houston continues to have an overwhelming number of stray animals or animals that are pets but have not been spayed or neutered. That’s why the City of Houston has renewed its partnership with Houston PetSet, to provide FREE spay and neutering surgeries to pets of city residents for the rest of the year of 2023.

For years, Houston PetSet, a local nonprofit organization has been working to end Houston’s homeless animal crisis. It’s pleased to announce the renewal of a beneficial partnership with the City of Houston to provide free spay and neuter surgery to pets of city residents. Mayor Turner and the Houston City Council also recognize the incredible need for financially accessible veterinary services, and Houston PetSet is proud to provide this lifesaving care for the community.

Low-cost and free spay and neuter services are the primary means of lowering the stray animal population in any city. We are grateful to our partners at Houston PetSet for their continued partnership in tackling the stray population through these free services to the community. Houstonians care deeply for their pets, and we are excited that partnerships like the one with Houston PetSet allow the city the opportunity to help residents care for their four-legged family members at no cost.

Mayor Sylvester Turner

In order for Houston residents to take part in the program, residents must schedule an appointment with Houston PetSet. Included with each free appointment is spay or neuter surgery, core vaccinations, and a microchip, a package valued at $200. There is a $20 refundable deposit due at registration that is returned when the pet shows up for their surgery. The Houston PetSet mobile veterinary unit has operated since 2020, providing free sterilization surgeries to more than 1200 pets in the first quarter of 2023 alone. 

“Houston PetSet is excited to partner with the City of Houston by providing free spay and neuter services for pets within the city,” said Houston PetSet Co-President Tama Lundquist. “We know spay and neuter is a key tool for reducing the alarming overpopulation of homeless pets. Our gratitude goes out to Houston City Council and Mayor Turner for recognizing the need and continuing our partnership for the remainder of 2023. Working together is how we change the landscape for the pets and people of Houston.”